10 of the Most Popular Shoe Brands in the World ...


10 of the Most Popular Shoe Brands in the World ...
10 of the Most Popular Shoe Brands in the World ...

The most popular shoe brands are the ones that really know and own their market. Whether it’s the high end luxury of a pair of Louboutins or the down-to-earth comfort of a pair of UGGs, there’s a reason certain shoe brands become popular. The brand often becomes iconic and is easily recognisable to buyers. Take a look at some of the most popular shoe brands in the world right now.

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Christian Louboutin

Whether you’re fashion obsessed or not, chances are you would have heard about Christian Louboutin shoes at one point or another. As far as popular shoe brands go, Louboutins are some of the most recognisable thanks to their signature red soles. With many different styles on offer, from trend-based to classic designs, Louboutins are a popular choice with fashion conscious (and cashed up) people the world over.


Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is another popular high end designer shoe brand. Started in London in the 1990s, the Jimmy Choo brand is now a global phenomenon. Jimmy Choo shoes have graced the feet of many a celebrity, which probably adds to the brand’s popularity. If you’re after a shoe that’s also a status symbol of sorts, then a pair of Jimmy Choos is for you.


Manolo Blahnik

To complete the trifecta of designer shoe brands we have Manolo Blahnik. Often just referred to as ‘Manolos,’ part of the brand’s popularity may have something to do with them being a favourite of ‘Sex and the City’ character Carrie Bradshaw. It would seem that fashion and Manolos go hand in hand. Or would it be foot in foot?



Moving away from luxury designer labels, sporting brands also get a look in when it comes to popular shoe brands. The Nike logo is iconic and their shoes are a popular choice for people all over the world. While they also cater to clothing and a range of sporting accessories, there’s no doubt that the shoes are the main draw card here.



Another popular shoe brand is Adidas. Whether you’re after a casual sneaker or a running shoe, the Adidas brand caters to it. Their shoes have decked out the feet of everyone from top athletes to the most popular hip hop artists. The Adidas logo has also become a popular symbol of street culture, which would no doubt raise the brand’s ‘cool’ credentials.



The Converse brand has been around for nearly 100 years now, and its popularity shows no sign of fading. The ‘Chuck Taylor’ shoe is a classic and iconic design and has lasted the test of time. While such shoes are no longer worn on the basketball courts that they were initially designed for, they’re a popular casual sneaker choice.



The Vans brand is often associated with skate culture. Their sneakers are available for guys and girls, and come in a range of classic and trend-based designs. These days Vans shoes are a classic and iconic choice of casual footwear.


Dr. Martens

While they’re often viewed as one of the more alternative shoe brands around, there’s no denying the popularity of Dr. Martens shoes. A popular choice among younger crowds, a pair of Dr. Martens is the perfect way to pull off anything from Goth to grunge looks.



This Brazilian shoe brand is one of the most popular suppliers of sandals in the world. Their thong sandals are a popular choice of summer footwear and are worn the world over. They’ve pretty much got the market covered.



Whether you love them or hate them, UGGs is one of the most popular shoe brands in the world. The popular UGG boot has donned the feet of many a celebrity, which has without a doubt raised their profile. While they may not always look the most fashionable, they’re a popular choice for those who prefer comfort.

These are just some of the most popular shoe brands in the world. Of course, there are plenty of other shoe brands that could be added here. What shoe brands would you add to this list?

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Are Doc Martens still that popular? I think the brand has waned over the last decade though it is still a quality shoe; despite the kerfuffle over the "tone-up" athletic shoe, Skechers seems to have supplanted Doc Marten...am I wrong?

Ummm what about Steve Madden!?!?!?

It became a thing to paint the bottom of heels red to resemble Louboutins. Pretty clever.

What about toms?

Steve Madden doesn't have the quality

Vans, converse, Steve Madden always have cute shoes. I also check online at Charlotte Russe;not the best quality out there but super cute and cheap

Love Christian Louboutin! Amazing!

TOMs! Can't forget the fastest growing shoe company in the world!

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