8 to-Die-for Pairs of Dr. Martens ...


8 to-Die-for Pairs of Dr. Martens ...
8 to-Die-for Pairs of Dr. Martens ...

Dr. Martens are one of my favorite footwear brands ever. I've had a pair of boots, a pair of wedge sandals, and a gorgeous pair of Mary Janes since I was in high school, Heather recently bought me the most delicious pair of pink patent leather boots in the world, and my mom surprised me with a likewise yummy pair of Mary Janes (because you can never have too many!). Although Docs are expensive, they're worth the expense. They last forever, only getting more comfortable and more stylish over time. While they were once evocative of goth and grunge culture, now there are shoes for every style – although those two trends are still beautifully represented. Check out these gorgeous pairs of Dr. Martens – in all styles and silhouettes – and tell me you wouldn't love a pair!

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Ultra Feminine Flats

Ultra Feminine Flats Dr. Martens really aren't just about boots anymore. There are so many pairs of gorgeous, polished flats, ideal for days at the office, city shopping forays, or romantic dates with your darling. This is the Marie model, which comes in a variety of different colors. There are also velvet-brushed ballet flats, patterned pieces, and a variety of others. Head to 6pm to get these for just $44.99!


Stunning Springtime Boots

Stunning Springtime Boots DM has also been incorporating lots of light, floral patterns ideal for springtime. There are boots, flats, creepers, and flat shoots galore. Some sprinkle flowers in shades of pink, indigo, blue, and purple on a background while others, like this Evan 7-Eye Boot, go for a lighter, more feminine approach. These are available for just $80.99 on 6pm!


Marvelous Mary Janes

Marvelous Mary Janes A lot of Docs have gorgeous retro silhouettes. I love, love, love the brand's Mary Janes to pieces. Generally available in dark, rich browns or glossy blacks, they're both pretty and polished. The chunky look is made for knee-length skirts and tights or shorter hemlines and knee socks, but they look just as fab with jeans! The Deirdre Cut-Out T-Bar gets a new twist, and you can enjoy it for $94.99 from 6pm.


Sleek Sexy Sandals

Sleek Sexy Sandals DM has a serious sexy side! If you're looking for go-to date night shoes, these Raina Lace Sandals are tops! While the peep toes, open backs, and 4 ½ inch heels lend lots of sultry appeal, the lace fronts are edgy and a little hardcore. You can snap these up for yourself from 6pm for $100.99.


The Vintage Vibe

The Vintage Vibe I love the vintage vibe surrounding most pairs of Doc shoes. I've had my eye on these Rafi Saddle Shoes forever, and there are several other pairs of Oxfords from which to choose. Some are flat, others have subtle heels, and still others mix cream and brown instead of black and white. Either way, they'll look amazing with kicky skirts and opaque tights, preferably with your hair in a flippy ponytail. At only $49.50 from 6pm, who can resist?


Gettin' Chunky with It

Gettin' Chunky with It Chunky sandals are ideal for spring and summer, and these are just gorgeous. Though the heels are high, their thickness combined with the slight platform provide tons of balance and stability. The Vanessa 3-Strap Sandals pictured here are perfect for flowing summer sun dresses or Boho beautiful maxi skirts, but they'll also look great with shorts and jeans. Get them for $42.00 from 6pm.


Chic Sky High Boots

Chic Sky High Boots Lots of DM's boots have a newer, sleeker appearance. They're work-ready and off-duty appropriate for all those sexy, polished looks. With the Kimora 10-Tie Boot, the nude color keeps them from being too racy at the office, but since a nude shoe always goes a long way, they'll also work with a variety of dresses and skirts. Snag them from 6pm for $99.99.


Wow Wow Wedges

Wow Wow Wedges I love DM's fresh new wedges, which come in a rainbow of colors. Even the Sita 3-Tie Brogues featured here come in grey or blue, both of which are surprisingly rich. I prefer the blue, though, which provides a bright, spring feel ideal for evenings out strolling the park with the one you love. They're available at 6pm for $64.99!

When you buy a pair of Docs, you're buying shoes that are durable but dynamic, functional but always fashionable. They're super stylish but they have staying power. As you can see, there's also something to suit every taste. I tried to focus on more than just their iconic boots and hope I succeeded! You'll have to forgive all the 6pm love, too – every shoe is also available at the DM site, but 6pm's got such wicked sales! What do you think of Docs, would you ever want to own a pair?

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I've wanted a pair since I was 13, but my feet are just too narrow!!!

I like 7 and 8 and sorta 4 and maybe 2 (for a more indie type outfit) but otherwise I think they look pretty gross....

Docs were my everyday wear to work in the early 80's still going strong !

The floral ones are gorge! - i have a pair of steel toed 16 eyelet Docs bought them for $145.00 back in 2002 and they STILL look brand new!

I have 1 pair & they're baby pink. But I have to have #2!!!!

I've got to get #2 I'm a DR Martens junkie since forever ^_^

I never tried Dr. Martens because I'm so loyal to a few select brands. However, can't wait to get a pair they are drop dead gorgeous! Look comfy too..

I am in LOVE with the doc maryjanes.

Used to wear my Docs everyday. Then I had changed styles but now I see Docs have too! I can't wait to go shopping. If the heels are even half as comfy... Omg

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