7 Most Creative High Heels That'll Make You Gasp ...


7 Most Creative High Heels That'll Make You Gasp ...
7 Most Creative High Heels That'll Make You Gasp ...

I love a great pair of creative high heels, don't you? Technically, high heels are shoes that raise a woman's heel significantly higher than the toes. However, I added some heels on this list that simply elevate a woman's height because they were too creative to overlook. Even if you prefer flat shoes to high heels, this list of 7 creative high heels are worth checking out for art's sake!

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Origami Heels

Origami Heels These colorful Origami heels are some of the early work of Le Creative Sweatshop. Le Creative Sweatshop is a creative studio based in Paris that connects fashion, design & contemporary art. These heels are magnificent and look like they belong on the feet of French pop star, Yelle. It's unfortunate that they aren't wearable because they would complete any '80s look.


The Origami Heels burst with vibrant hues, impeccably folded into intricate designs that mimic the ancient Japanese art. Le Creative Sweatshop has ingeniously crafted these showpieces to push the boundaries of high heel aesthetics. Imagine strutting in these at a retro-themed party; you'd be the embodiment of a walking art installation! Alas, relegated to the realm of avant-garde display, their non-functional nature only fuels our desire for the fantastically flamboyant.


Spiraling Stilettos

Spiraling Stilettos This spiraling creation is from the mind of architectural designer Julian Hakes. He calls this creative and complex design the Mojito shoe. He originally designed it as a work of art, and rightfully so. But it is now being mass produced for us daring fashionistas to buy and rock on our feet. This design won Hakes the "Best Footwear Designer of the Year 2012." It sells for around $250.00.


Skyscraper Heels

Skyscraper Heels Fashion loves to pull in ethnic designs. These unusually creative heels are historically inspired by the Brazilian Aboriginal Tribe called "Yanomani." The shoe designer, Breno Cintra says the shoes, "reflect the characteristics of the Aboriginals' temporary architecture, which is traditionally constructed mainly of thatched palm leaves and wood." They kind of remind me of a baby's bassinet from the side view.


Pigalle Spikes

Pigalle Spikes These colorful creative beauties are by none other than Christian Louboutin himself. I would totally rock these with a leather jacket, jeans, and a white tee. They make me think of porcupine quills, the most expensive kind. If you want a pair of these Pigalle Spikes it will cost you $1, 295. What do you think about that?


Mohawk Heels

Mohawk Heels I would file these pair of Pradas under my sophistafunk folder. They are edgy, colorful, and creatively designed for everyday wear. These heels are inspired by the Mohawk hairstyle, which is clear from the side. From the front angle they resemble a peacock. The Mohawk heel is a sure conversation starter that I'd love to add to my wardrobe. Do any of you ladies know the price for this shoe? No, really, I'd love to know!


Sling-Shot Heels

Sling-Shot Heels These creative high heels are from Kobi Levi. Out of all of the shoe designers I checked out for this list, Kobi was by far the most creative. The Sling-Shot heel is made from leather and wood. I'm not sure how comfortable this heel would be given the exaggerated arch, but I'd be willing to give them a try. I've never seen anyone rock these before.


Slide Heels

Slide Heels These aren't made for child's play, these heels were created for your feet. These Slide Heels are another creation from Kobi Levi. His blog states that they are made from leather. But they must have some other material for the slide heel. The Slide Heel is super creative, but probably not practical for daily wear. Would you rock them?

If you consider yourself creative then I bet your creativity crosses over into your personal style. These are just a few of the creative footwear options available today. What are some of your personal favorites? We'd love to read about them in the comments section!

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Some of these are incredible and funky! Love them all! I truly love the spiral ones though. I wonder, are the even the slightest bit comfy?

The slide ladder is soooo cute!!!

Wow. Too low key for GaGa, but i'll give them a go x

The slide shoe

These are hideous. Do people actually wear this in real life?!

Wow! Playful and sexy

1,2 and 3. Yasss😝👍

So cool!

Love the creativity

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