7 Lessons on How to Walk in Heels ...


7 Lessons on How to Walk in Heels ...
7 Lessons on How to Walk in Heels ...

Have you ever wondered how to walk in heels? I have. However many pairs I buy, I just don’t seem to get that effortless walk that some women have! It seems I’m not alone, either, as bootcamps aiming to teach you how to walk in heels have really taken off this summer. I’ve been quizzing the experts on how to walk in heels, and these are their tips.

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Make Them Fit…

The number one lesson about how to walk in heels? Make sure your heels fit. That means not going up a size because a shop has run out of sale shoes in your size! If you aren’t sure what size you are, visit a shoe shop and ask to be measured. Not only will they be able to tell you what size you need, but also information on your foot shape, such as whether you have wide feet or wide calves.


Check the Style…

Not all feet can wear all shoe styles. As well as making sure that a particular shoe fits your feet, you need to make sure that the style is comfortable too. Unstable or uncomfortable shoes are really difficult to walk in! A good style should be snug on your foot, with no wobbling at the ankles. If you are struggling to find a style, try ones with wide straps first.


Check the Sole…

Soles are important, so make sure you dedicate some time to them. The sole of the shoe should be completely flat, and have contact with the floor. Any wobble could make you tumble over, which is anything but elegant. Boat bottom shoes, where the whole sole doesn’t touch the floor, are not easy to walk in.


Walk Right…

Heels might improve your posture, but you need to work on it, too. Walk with your head held up high, and your shoulders back. Avoid the urge to stick your bottom out! Once you are walking with the right posture, you’ll be much more comfortable, and much more stable.


Flex That Core…

Noticed those core boosting workout sessions at the gym? Enroll for a few. Your core is really important when walking in heels, and strengthening it will only make walking easier. You’ll find it gives you much more control when you are walking, and it’ll help you to keep your back straight and your posture correct.


Look Ahead…

Keep your eyes in front of you, and don’t be tempted to keep looking down. If you find yourself looking down a lot, it’s a sign that your shoes aren’t comfortable and stable, or that they are pinching or hurting your feet. Ideally, you should be able to see 1/3 of the block in front of you. It does take some practice, but walking is much easier when you’ve got this down!



Yep, learning how to walk in heels takes practice. It sucks, but one of the best ways to get the hang of it is just to do it. Get some heels that fit great, and start wearing them around the house. Then on a short walk. Eventually, you’ll build up to being able to wear them for as long as you want, without even noticing.

Need some more help learning how to walk in heels? Private bootcamps cost around $50 per session, and you’ll be with a group of people who are in the same boat. They can be a real laugh! Have you got a great tip on how to walk in heels? I’d love to hear it.

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Love this

I adore the block heel, platform shoes! Very reminiscent of my late teens and early 20's of the 90's. They've become more popular in the last couple of years and I'm very thankful. They balance out your foot and you feel like you're walking on a flat surface. Very comfortable. If you but a 5" heel with a 2" platform sole, you're basically balancing out on 3". Highly recommend!

its great thx 4 posting it

I've found that shifting my weight onto my tiptoes a little more, makes it easier for me to walk in heels...and I try to take smaller steps!

It's really helpful

Be confident n try shifting weights to the back of ur feet when u walk it gives u stability

Be confident in them. I find if you think you are gonna stack it, you will.


Nice post on basics. It never ceases to amaze me how women wear ill-fitting shoes.

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