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7 Steps to Walking in Killer Heels ...

By Rebecca

Okay, so maybe some of you have always been able to balance gracefully on those fabulous stilettos, but I, unfortunately, have not. In fact, it took me an age to learn to do it right. So for all of you rookies out there struggling to stay upright in your shoes I’ve put together a simple list of 7 steps to walking in killer heels.

1 Don’t Underestimate

Just because other girls get it naturally, don’t automatically assume you will too. I know this sounds stupid but high heels can actually be quite dangerous – one awkward step and you could twist, sprain or even brake an ankle – so don’t underestimate how difficult those initial steps will be.

2 Baby Steps

If you really have never worn heels before, start with a pair that’s relatively tame. Don’t go straight for the mile high, spikes. Get a simple pair of court shoes with a medium height heel.

3 Fit Issues

It’s impossible to walk in heels that don’t fit you correctly. If they’re too big, the shoe will simply flap against your foot and this, apart from being very irritating, increases the risk of heel wobble. Shoes that are too small, on the other hand, will constrict your toes, and put too much pressure on the balls of your feet. Trust me, this can be absolute agony and could just put you off stilettos for life.

4 Heel Toe

This is important. You always want to start each step putting your heel down first, before your toe. The temptation is always to put your entire foot down flat, but this will make walking pretty difficult – you’ll end up looking like a high stepping pony.

5 Short Strides

It’s vital not to try to run, jump or even really extend your strides if you’re still a little uncertain about how to walk in your heels. Keep your steps small, regular and smooth and avoid situations where you may – for whatever reason – be asked to move in a complex way. Dancing, it’s important to note, might take some practice.

6 Core Stability

High heels alter the entire posture of your body. They encourage you to round shoulders and let your pelvis slip forward. Take care not to develop this kind stooping stance. Not only does it make walking and balancing more difficult, it can also result in back problems. Try to activate your core muscles and keep your midsection firm and stable. This will help to lengthen your figure and keep your centre of gravity constant.

7 Be Sensible

Don’t climb a mountain or even a tricky looking escalator in your new heels. Stick to smooth ground where possible and look out for ice, slush, mud and – the enemy of all fashionistas – gratings. Losing a heel can be a real problem and will, more than likely, send you flying, so be extra careful where you step if your in a city with a lot of slatted drain covers.

These are my 7 steps to walking in killer heels. What are yours? Let me know; I’d love to compare notes.

Top Photo Credit: Andrea Rinaldi

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