8 Shoes That Make Me Drool ...

Do you know what I love? I love shoes. I especially love shoes that make me have a reaction. I love shoes that are so awesome, I want them even though I wouldn't necessarily ever wear them. I classify this category as the shoes that make me drool, and I wanted to show you some examples of what I mean when I talk about footwear that can seriously make me salivate.

1. Isola Della Berry/Black Mary Janes

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Price: $129.99 at zappos.com
I am a huge fan of Mary Janes, so they frequently fall into the category of shoes that make me drool. I love these because they're two toned. I think that's incredibly stylish, and I love how they don't actually look like the standard Mary Jane. The big buckle is awesome, and I love the way the color blocking is styled, as well.

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