7 Essential Types of Shoes All Women Should Have ...


7 Essential Types of Shoes All Women Should Have ...
7 Essential Types of Shoes All Women Should Have ...

In my opinion, there are definitely a few essential types of shoes all women should own. With 365 days in the year, different occasions and events and the weather always changing, it’s always important that your feet be prepared! Plus, I think shoes can make or break an outfit. Here’s a list of essential types of shoes you should own!

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Stilettos Stilettos are definitely one of the essential types of shoes all women should own. Stilettos are great for meetings, interviews, cocktail parties, black tie events and much more. Besides the gym, stilettos are appropriate to wear at all times. Plus, with today’s wide selection of sole inserts stilettos are comfier than ever.



Wedges Interesting fact: wedges were invented by Italian fashion designer Salvatore Ferragamo in 1936. He used cork for the heel of the shoe because there was a leather and rubber shortage, and cork was light but durable. Fast forward to the future, wedges are the ideal shoe for the summer because they’re a heel but they’re super comfortable, making it easy to run around on those hot summer nights.



Flats Although I’m a strong believer in heels, flats are a great substitute. Flats, just like heels, are appropriate almost all the time, plus they’re comfortable without sacrificing style. Best of all, any age group can wear flats.



Runners Runners are key for jogging/running, hiking, working out or if you just have a busy lifestyle. Runners come in an assortment of price points and styles. However, it’s important to invest a good pair of runners with good arch support since runners are usually used when the feet will be enduring a lot of pressure.


Slip on

Slip on Brands like Keds and Toms have perfected slip ons. I highly recommend slip ons because they are exactly that... shoes that you can slip on and go. These shoes are great for going to the market or running a last minute errand. What I love the most about them though is they are practical but can also be worn without dressing down an outfit like runners would.


Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots Ankle boots are great for the colder days of the year. They’re cute but not bulky like traditional boots. Plus, they can be worn to the office or to a dinner. If you’re only investing in one pair of ankle boots this year, I recommend an ankle boot with a thick heel or a wedge – that way you can be comfortable all day but still be stylish at night.


Rain Boots

Rain Boots No city in the world is immune to rain, so I think it’s essential for all women to have rain boots. Today rain boots are tailored to look sleeker and more stylish so you don't have to feel like you did when you were 12 years old, jumping into puddles... not that that's a bad feeling! The only thing I would suggest is to make sure your rain boots have a good sole so you’re not slipping on water in even the worst of conditions.

A shoe collection is most women’s dream but it’s important to never overspend on shoes that you don’t need. A great time to buy shoes is when stores are having a semi-annual or end of season sale where shoes can go up to 50% off. As well, many stores sell shoes for less than $40 throughout the year. What are your favourite types of shoes?

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1) sand shoes 2)flats 3)black shoes 3)heels 4) sandels 5)running 6)weges 7)waterproof xx

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