9 Best Fitness Shoes to Ask for This Christmas ...


9 Best Fitness Shoes to Ask for This Christmas ...
9 Best Fitness Shoes to Ask for This Christmas ...

For all of you athletes, gym rats, or active ladies in general, getting new fitness shoes is one of the best gifts to receive for Christmas. For starters, most fitness shoes wear out at least every 6-8 months, though I do try to make mine last all year, even with exercising daily. Working out in old shoes isn’t only dangerous, but also uncomfortable. Over time, they lose the support built inside of them, and also can make you more prone to injury in the process. The bottoms wear down, the sides lose their stability, and some even get holes near the toe area of your shoe. If your shoes need a reboot, be sure to ask for some of the best fitness shoes. I’m a personal fan of several of them, and already having a hard time deciding which ones I’m going to ask for!

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Saucony Kinvara 4

Saucony Kinvara 4 Saucony brand makes several styles of new fitness shoes that get high marks for just about everything you could ask for in an athletic shoe. For starters, they’re long-lasting, lightweight, and not bulky or heavy which can weigh you down and get in your way. The Kinvara 4 style features a lightweight footing that’s best for midfoot strikers, occasional runners, and weightlifters. If you’re a heavy runner, this might not be the shoe for you, but if you’re a gym rat, they’ll be perfect! They also come in great colors too, so you’ll feel fashionable and fit at the same time.

Cost: $100
Buy Here: saucony.com


Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 Brooks brand is one of the most highly rated brands of fitness shoes out there, for being long-lasting, offering high performance midsole arches, and being incredibly supportive to the everyday female athlete’s foot. The new Adrenaline GTS 13 helps lessen the shock with each and every step, so you aren’t only improving your movements, but also protecting your entire body from injury.
Cost: $100
Buy Here: brooksrunning.com


New Balance 1765

New Balance 1765 One of my personal favorite brands of shoes is also one of the most highly rated athletic shoes for walkers and generally active people. The New Balance 1764 Walking Shoes are the perfect answer if you’re looking for great cushion support, and having plenty of room in the toe area for a good bit of walking. You could wear these all day due to the highly supportive crash pad in the heel, which provides more structure to movements, and helps stabilize your footing. I love these shoes myself, and would definitely recommend them to anyone who’s not a daily runner.
Cost: $100
Buy Here: newbalance.com


Ahnu Sequoia II

Ahnu Sequoia II This brand is new to me, but apparently the go-to shoe if you’re a hiker. This shoe is light on your feet, provides ideal cushioning and stability, and features great mesh material to keep your feet airy, yet also protected at the same time. These shoes are also made to form to your own feet, and features special soles that grip onto rocks and boulders better than a typical fitness shoe.
Cost: $110
Buy Here: ahnu.com)


Saucony Women’s Guide 7

Saucony Women’s Guide 7 This brand new shoe is apparently the shoe to own if you’re a runner. I’m personally loving all the fun colors and sleek design! The Women’s Guide 7 features a special PowerGrid, which contains special responsive cushioning from heel to toe. It also features a special crashpad at the heel of the shoe, and provides an easy transition in between strides thanks to the midfoot of the shoe. The flared toe design is added to support the toe off the ground movement by runners to prevent injury and aid in speed and performance.
Cost: $120
Buy Here: saucony.com


Nike LunarEclipse +3Shield

Nike LunarEclipse +3Shield The most recent running shoe by Nike, the LunarEclipse +3Shield is one of the best looking new running shoes in my opinion. It’s sturdy in appearance and said to rank high in performance if you’re a runner, walker or general athlete. It features water repellant coating, special cushioning to provide smooth strides, and a supportive cushionpad to prevent injury.
Cost: $150
Buy Here: store.nike.com


Reebok CrossFit Lifter plus

Reebok CrossFit Lifter plus Alright CrossFit fans, this shoe is made for you! The new Reebok CrossFit is specially made to provide supreme support for heavy lifters. It’s incredibly lightweight and the midfoot is eliminated so all the support comes from the heel for heavy dead weight lifters. It has a special moisture protection coating inside, and also a dual velcro strap to keep you locked on the platform to prevent sliipping. These shoes get five stars from users on the Reebok website, and they’re pretty pricey, but if you’re a CrossFit enthusiast, I’d be sure I gave them some consideration so you have all the support you need.
Cost: $175
Buy Here: shop.reebok.com


Reebok’s CrossFit NanoSpeed

Reebok’s CrossFit NanoSpeed Another popular shoe this year that anyone could use, including CrossFit enthusiasts is the CrossFit NanoSpeed by Reebok. These shoes made several lists for the go-to fitness shoes to have this year. They’re known for providing complete support and being incredibly flexible, lightweight, and feature a special outsole to provide the best traction and footing. They also come in great colors and are pretty affordable, especially if asking for them as a gift.
Cost: $100
Buy Here: shop.reebok.com


Asics Gel Nimbus 15

Asics Gel Nimbus 15 One of the newest shoes by Asics is also one of the best running shoes of the year. These shoes have all kinds of catchy colors, yet they aren’t just all looks. They’re full of support, they’re lightweight, and they hug your feet, while also providing plenty of flexibility and support. It has special cushions that aid movements in between strides and help to reduce injury from over pronation through the slender toe area. If you’re a runner or occasional one, these shoes are definitely a pair to check out for your Christmas wish list this year.
Cost: $145
Buy Here: asicsamerica.com

Getting new fitness shoes is always such a treat for me and I love breaking them in the first week. I always feel like my workouts are so much better with a great pair of shoes. What about you? Do you have a favorite fitness shoe you’d like to recommend?

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They are decent to run , workout and walkmwit

I am looking for some all round shoes

I'm obsessed with running shoes...I think I have about 15 pairs of nikes ☺️

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