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The best shoes for flying put comfort first. That doesn’t mean they always compromise on style, but they certainly make sure you and your feet are feeling comfy. When flying, you need to aim for shoes that won’t leave you wanting to tear your feet off as you step out of the plane. In my opinion, these are some of the best shoes for flying!

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Born Alyce Crown Collection

Born Alyce Crown Collection Shoes from the Born Alyce crown collection come in a variety of cute colors. My personal favorites are pink, but the coral ones are beautiful too! These flexible flats are THE best shoes for flying. They give plenty of wiggle room, so you don’t have to worry about your feet feeling constricted while you’re flying.


Cole Haan Sabrina Loafer

Cole Haan Sabrina Loafer So these loafers are a little more like slippers than shoes.But I really think that is an advantage when you are on a long haul flight! These Cole Haan Sabrina loafers come in four different colors. I personally love the deep navy and burgundy pairs, but black can work well too! As flights are irritatingly cold, these help to keep your feet warm too.


Dirty Laundry Beebop

Dirty Laundry Beebop If you are one of those ladies who is willing to suffer the whole cold feet thing, then give these sandals a go! I love the patterns on them. I feel like wearing these sandals alone would get me in the mood for going on vacation. There are a couple of other patterns available too. This includes leopard print, which I am not usually a fan of, but I do not mind with these sandals.


Pedro Garcia Ariela

Pedro Garcia Ariela If looking at least a little bit glamorous is high on your list of priorities, then Pedro Garcia has your back. These embellished pumps feature a little cluster of glistening jewels on the toes. Even better, they have a soft black finish. Wearing these, you will definitely have the prettiest feet on the flight. You can also use them throughout your holiday with a variety of evening outfits.


Gucci Floral Embroidered Smoking Slippers

Gucci Floral Embroidered Smoking Slippers These embroidered slippers from Gucci feel comfy no matter where you are. Thanks to their laid back vibe, they will look amazing with shorts. Even though I feel a little cold when flying, I sometimes like to wear shorts and use a blanket to compensate. I can picture these flats with denim shorts just perfectly. Or black if you feel like looking a little smart!


Lacoste White Slip on Plimpsols

Lacoste White Slip on Plimpsols Tennis shoes are just effortlessly stylish. Even though they are designed for sports, I am pretty sure you can wear them almost anywhere on a casual basis and look fantastic. I don’t recommend breaking out your entire tennis outfit. They will look great with casual pants.


Converse Slip on Shoes

Converse Slip on Shoes I just love that Converse make slip on shoes too. Honestly, based on my past experience with Converse, I can guarantee these will be comfy. I absolutely adore them, so I may just buy a pair. Apparently they are great for basketball. I’m not a basketball player, but I am willing to give it a try!

Comfortable shoes will make your flight more enjoyable. Some of us suffer from edema during flights, which means aiming for loose shoes is a good idea also. Trust me, heels seem pretty at the beginning of a flight, but they will wear you down by the end! If you have any great flying shoe suggestions, please share them!

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