7 Colorful Rainboots for April Showers ...


April means rain, which means colorful rainboots! I love springtime because the weather warms up, flowers start to bloom, and summer is around the corner! Also, spring is when I finally get to start wearing more colors, and that makes me so happy. Here are some of my favorite colorful rainboots to get you through those April showers:

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Hunter Rain Boot

Hunter Rain Boot Hunter rain boots are the most classic pair of colorful rainboots. You can get them in black if you want something super versatile, or you can get them in teal or red! There are a bunch of colors and styles to choose from! Want color-block Hunter rain boots? No problem! Hunter also makes shorter styles, if you don’t like knee high rain boots. And you can also get a matching pair for your little ones so everyone can stay dry! Can you say rainy day photo shoot?


Lost in Spot Rain Boot in Floral

Lost in Spot Rain Boot in Floral Do you like ankle booties? These are perfect for you! I love the floral pattern because it practically yells spring! These lace-up rainboots are unique because 99% of rainboots are slip on. These would look great with some (perhaps neon?) skinny jeans and a cardigan. This pair reminds me of Dr. Martens Boots, so if you’re a fan of those boots, check out these floral rainboots!


Splish-Flash Boot

Splish-Flash Boot These rainboots are the girliest pair of rainboots I have ever seen. Hands down. And I love them! I like the classic polka dot patter and the color combo. But my favorite is the bow in the back. How cute! I would wear these with light wash skinny jeans, a white flowy top, and a light rain jacket.


Burberry Tall Rain Boot

Burberry Tall Rain Boot Here’s another pair of classic rainboots! I love my Burberry rainboots because they always match my rainy day outfits. These look great tucked into jeans or leggings. Or if it’s still chilly where you live, pair these rainboots with a navy trench coat! These rainboots are fabulous and have lasted years for me!


‘Posh Dot’ Rain Boot

‘Posh Dot’ Rain Boot This pair of rainboots is just too much fun! I love the bright color with the mini polka dots. Plus, the buckle detail is an extra feature, but I like that it’s leather instead of rubber. I totally see myself wearing these boots with leggings and a bright rain jacket!


Ted Baker ‘Atiri’ Rain Boot

Ted Baker ‘Atiri’ Rain Boot Although I love bright patterned rainboots, this pair caught my eye because the floral pattern is like a watercolor. The soft florals and the baby blue just look so delicate, and the lining and details around the ankle look interesting. I probably would wear these out with leggings and a casual blazer.


Dirty Laundry Shoes, Rain Drop Boot

Dirty Laundry Shoes, Rain Drop Boot This pair of rainboots is bound to make you happier the second you slip them on! They have an extra wide calf, so you don’t feel constricted while playing in the rain. The chevron pattern is so colorful and stylish! They look great with jeans and a lace top!

Get ready for puddle stomping! Rainboots are so useful during the spring, and just wearing colorful footwear brightens my day. Do you like any of these rainboots? Where did you get your favorite pair of rainboots? Are you excited for spring?

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