7 Colorful Rainboots for April Showers ...

April means rain, which means colorful rainboots! I love springtime because the weather warms up, flowers start to bloom, and summer is around the corner! Also, spring is when I finally get to start wearing more colors, and that makes me so happy. Here are some of my favorite colorful rainboots to get you through those April showers:

1. Hunter Rain Boot

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Hunter rain boots are the most classic pair of colorful rainboots. You can get them in black if you want something super versatile, or you can get them in teal or red! There are a bunch of colors and styles to choose from! Want color-block Hunter rain boots? No problem! Hunter also makes shorter styles, if you don’t like knee high rain boots. And you can also get a matching pair for your little ones so everyone can stay dry! Can you say rainy day photo shoot?

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