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Looking for ways to make high heels more comfortable? I feel your pain, girlfriend. High heels are beautiful but all too often painful and even feel like little torture devices at times. It’s so frustrating to purchase a pricey pair of high heels that make you feel like a total glamazon as you walk out the door only to leave us in blisters and in unrelenting pain in just a few short hours. Discover some of the simple ways to make high heels more comfortable and make your day a lot more pleasurable.

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Pick a Pair

Before we get into the ways to make high heels more comfortable, keep in mind the importance of fit the next time you invest in new high heels. Make sure the high heels fit properly when you try them on. It might be tempting to buy a pair of shoes that are a little tight or loose in a certain area because of the style or price, but it’s not worth it. No matter how cute they are or how much money you save, if they’re too uncomfortable to wear, you’re not saving money. Also, your feet expand throughout the day so shoe shopping later in the day is best.


Avoid Online Shopping

When there are so many great sale sites and flash sales going on, it’s hard to resist treating yourself to a pair of discounted designer shoes. As tempting as it might be, stay strong. Buying shoes online is like buying foundation online, there’s really no way to tell if it’s going to work for you until after you commit to buying it. Save yourself the time and energy by buying all of your shoes in store so you can try them on first.


Tape Your Toes

I’m not kidding. There are many people who swear by taping your 3rd and 4th toe together to make walking in heels more comfortable. If you wobble around or just want to make walking around in high heels a little easier, get some Scotch tape or even medical tape and tape your 3rd and 4th toe together to keep your foot muscles aligned and make walking much easier.


Warm up

Another way to make high heels more comfortable is to do some warm up exercises. It might sound a little dramatic, but it really works. Doing some hamstring stretches, toe stretches and ankle rotations before, during and after you wear your high heels to help warm up those muscles and make wearing high heels more bearable.


Take 5

No matter how busy your day or night is, take time to sit, take off your shoes if you can and give your feet a break. While this might not help make your heels more comfortable, it will help make your feet feel better so you can last longer in your heels. Plus, you can show off your shoes while you sit so it’s a win-win!


The Thicker the Better

Thin heels look hot, but for the sake of your feet go for the thicker heels. Chunkier heels will support your feet better rather than heels like stilettos, just as thicker soles such as platforms are much comfier than soles that are thin. Most of the time, thin-soled shoes will give you pain on the bottom of your feet so opting for thick soles with a rubber bottom will help offset and absorb the pressure.


Try an Insert

Those high heel inserts and cushions we see in ads might seem gimmicky, but they can be really helpful. Look for pads that support the ball of your foot to prevent slipping, soreness and help prevent friction. Look for thin pads and cushions in this case because thick ones will crowd and squish your feet even more. If your shoes are a little tight, consider getting a shoe stretcher or taking your shoes to a pro to get them contoured to fit your feet better.


Scratch Your Soles

If your main issue with high heels is slipping and a lack of traction on your soles, there are easy fixes for your dilemma. Simply purchase a pad that you can stick on the soles of your shoes to create traction or use some sandpaper or a nail file to do it yourself at home. This will prevent slipping and sliding and help you stay steady when you’re walking around.


Avoid Pointy Shoes

Pointy-toed shoes might seem like a good idea in the store, but they can be a nightmare on your feet. Round, square or open-toed shoes are much more comfortable than narrow shoes that can smash and crowd your toes. If you have wider feet, definitely avoid wearing shoes that are narrow and pointy so your feet can lie flat.

I hope you try out some of these tips to make high heels more comfortable. If you own some shoes that are far from comfortable, there are plenty of ways to tailor them to better suit your feet. Do you know of any tricks or tips to make high heels more comfortable?

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So Awesome ;-)

I've done hell on my feet over the years plus I have Morton's nuroma (sp?) in both feet so I need cortisone shots in both, plus being on my feet all day doesn't help! But I recently found a pair of stylish wedge heels at Ross that I got to just wear out (after living in flip flops for a year, I wanted something stylish!!) and I have to say, I hit the jackpot with these shoes!! By far, the most comfy and cute shoes ever!! And I'm even able to wear them tending bar!!

I have a small problem with exposing my toes in peep toe heeled shoes. For some odd reason I get "ugly toe nails" in the summer. My big toe nails become all weird & looking like I have a severe toe nail fungus. I have tried everything to fix the problem but, short of wearing closed toe shoe in hot weather season, I have to file down the top layer or two just to deal with the problem the toe nails become very thick layered & make my toe nails look really nasty.

When I get a new pair of heels I just wear them around the house until I break them in and they become comfortable

Wear soft slippery footsocks.

For #8, just wear your heels outside and scrape them up on the sidewalk. Same effect as sandpaper, but for free.

the only time I tape my toes is for my pointe shoes. looks like I will need more tape

@Andrea - why the hell did I not think of that!

I'm gonna buy the insole for my shoes... Plus I love wedge shoes, their so beautiful and amazing. It can be a little uncomfortable, but surely are great looking when you wear them anywhere anytime...:)

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