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55 Pairs of Sky High Stilettos That Will Go with Anything in Your Closet ...

By Eliza

Sky high stilettos are any girl's best friend. They can really make an outfit and they make your legs look amazing. Sky high stilettos go with everything from a cocktail dress to your favorite pair of jeans. Have a peek at these choices and you're sure to enlarge your collection before it's all over.

1 Light Grey Striped

Light Grey StripedVia Light Grey Striped Fabric Pointy ...
The pink heel on these sky high stilettos makes them something extra special.

2 Comic Book

Comic BookVia Etsy :: Your place to ...
If I ever to to ComicCon, I think I'd wear these heels.

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3 Cream and Black

Cream and BlackVia Platform. Bot. Dolgu Topuk - ...
This color combo is so classy and I love the straps on the top.

4 Geometric

GeometricVia Black Sexy Matching Color Peep-toe ...
No one will have these heels, and they're neutral enough to wear with anything.

5 Nude and Black

Nude and BlackVia Clothes, Purses & Shoes Oh ...
These will make your legs even longer. And they look really luxurious with the black detailing.

6 Classic Black

Classic BlackVia Shoes: high heels
No girl could ever have too many pairs of black shoes. Am I right?

7 Summery

SummeryVia Elegant Clothes ღ on Twitter
The colors, the bow and the straw detailing combine to create a pair of heels perfect for summer dresses.

8 Red and Gold

Red and GoldVia
The gold on these heels really makes the red color pop.

9 Rich Blue

Rich BlueVia Shoes
The rich blue color of these heels makes them perfect for wearing with lots of other colors.

10 Gold and Sparkly

Gold and SparklyVia [grzxy61900124]Sexy Elegant Mixing Color Strap ...
These are perfect for wearing with a little black cocktail dress.

11 Silver Details

Silver DetailsVia
A pair of plain white heels is given new life with all the silver sparkles.

12 Black Mary Janes

Black Mary JanesVia : Buy ENMAYER Oversize ...
These Mary Jane inspired heels are a little bit sex appeal and a little bit innocence.

13 Spiky

These are a great pair of heels for adding just a bit of edge to your look.

14 Sparkly

SparklyVia Christian Louboutin
Who wouldn't love a pair of these silver sparkly heels in their closet? I know I would!

15 Chained up

Chained upVia Cheap Sandals for Women & ...
The gold chains on these heels makes them something to talk about.

16 Just a Dash of Pink

Just a Dash of PinkVia
I love how there's just a tiny bit of pink peeking out at the toes of these heels.

17 Flowers

FlowersVia - cute heals
As you can see, this look great with jeans, but they would also be perfect for a wedding.

18 Pink Platform Heels

Pink Platform HeelsVia Do Me Heels
Brown heels make these pink heels totally perfect.

19 Lacy Sophistication

Lacy SophisticationVia
These girly stilettos are also sophisticated and lovely for any occasion.

20 Mega Bling

Mega BlingVia Shoes
You'll definitely turn a few heads when you go out wearing these heels.


The earth tones on these heels makes them perfect for fall.

22 Turquoise Studs

Turquoise StudsVia “We could look up ummm…high ...
Turquoise is my favorite color and I don't think I'd ever take these off.

23 Strappy

StrappyVia 2013 New Red Black Cross ...
Take a pair of plain black heels to the next level with a bunch of straps.

24 Glittered Pink

Glittered PinkVia Glittered Heeled PU Shoes For ...
If you're dying for a pair of pink stilettos, you'll probably agree that these fit the bill just right.

25 Hot Heels

Hot HeelsVia Things i want and love ...
The toenails and skinny jeans make this look just about perfect.

26 White Bow

White BowVia
The combination of chains, studs and bows make this a feminine pair of heels with just a bit of fierceness.

27 Zebra Print

Zebra PrintVia Items similar to Zebra Print ...
Who wouldn't love some sparkling zebra print on their feet?

28 Pop of Color

Pop of ColorVia Sparkle Pink Rhinestone Sky-high Platform ...
Imagine how great these would look with an all black outfit.

29 Red Suede

Red SuedeVia
Red suede heels are something no wardrobe is totally complete without.

30 Turquoise Bows

Turquoise BowsVia Fashionable Concise Platform Stiletto Heels ...
This color is really hot right now and the bows bring it out just right.

31 Animal Print

Animal PrintVia Let's Talk Shoes
Animal print heels are a fun little accessory any girl would love to have.

32 Thin Straps

Thin StrapsVia Look for top quality Heels? ...
Tons of thin straps make this pair of shoes really great.

33 Green Snake Skin

Green Snake SkinVia Christian Louboutin Heels
I'd rock these fabulous shoes everyday.

34 Mixed Color Palette

Mixed Color PaletteVia All heels report to my ...
Instead of being one solid color, these heels combine several colors for a unique pair of shoes you'll get plenty of compliments on.

35 Stunning Black Cut Outs

Stunning Black Cut OutsVia She's Got the Look
I imagine these totally tying together a skirt and blouse outfit.

36 Silver Cuffs

Silver CuffsVia Gorgeous Shoes
The don't look like the most comfortable pair of shoes, but they sure make up for it in looks.

37 Romantic Flowers

Romantic FlowersVia Ladies Colorful Classical Romance Printing ...
You're going to want to wear these with everything in your closet.

38 Gold Plated

Gold PlatedVia Indulgy - Everyone deserves a ...
The gold plated accents on these heels make them great for just about any outfit.

39 Neon Yellow

Neon YellowVia SHOES!!!!!!!
These would be absolutely perfect with a pair of blue jeans.

40 Zombie Spikes

Zombie SpikesVia Items similar to Spiked Zombie ...
I think my kids would add a few coolness points if I wore these awesome shoes.


I don't fully get the steampunk trend, but these would be perfect for anyone who does.

42 Padlock Heels

Padlock HeelsVia NHGKIMMY's Closet on Shop Hers
I don't know where the idea came from, but the padlock on these heels is genius!

43 Red and White

Red and WhiteVia
The white straps really bring out the rich red color of these shoes.

44 Football Fan

Football FanVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Choose these with your favorite team's logo and colors and you'll be the ultimate fan.

45 Spiky Heels

Spiky HeelsVia High Heels | Fashionista Style
I love the spikes on these heels. They might just be my next purchase.

46 Tall and Turquoise

Tall and TurquoiseVia If the Shoe Fits
I'm not sure there are words to describe how wonderful these are.

47 Ankle Bracelet

Ankle BraceletVia
I love how the detailing looks a little like you're wearing a bracelet above the shoe.

48 Gold Drop

Gold DropVia Free/drop shipping new shoes 2013 ...
A drop of gold on these heels makes them super elegant and sophisticated.

49 Ribbon Bow

Ribbon BowVia Online Shopping for Electronics, ...
The ribbon bow makes these shoes super girly and just about perfect.

50 Brown and Blue Suede

Brown and Blue SuedeVia
This color combination looks wonderful and the closed toes make them ideal for fall and winter.

51 Sparkly and Strapey

Sparkly and StrapeyVia Shoes and purses
Wear these and your entire day will be filled with sparkle.

52 Bows on the Back

Bows on the BackVia shoes
No matter the color, a bow on the back of a pair of heels adds just a touch of sex appeal without going over the top.

53 Fading Sparkles

Fading SparklesVia Shoes
The fading sparkle effect on these stilettos is beautiful and fun.

54 Leopard Print Suede

Leopard Print SuedeVia Sexy Stiletto Heel Thick Platform ...
You can't go wrong by buying a pair of these.

55 Black and White Pattern

Black and White PatternVia Heels
These are a pair of shoes no one else will be sporting, but when they see yours, they'll wish they were.

I'm a mom who works from home so I don't have that many chances to wear heels, but I love it when I can dust off my favorite pair. Which ones are your next purchase?

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