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As you may have noticed, the Birkenstock trend has made its way back into fashion chicness! While many still loathe the iconic comfy shoe from the '60s, it's making its way back as a fashionable trend in many name-brand companies like J.Crew and Madewell. If you're still not sold on the Birkenstock trend, keep reading! Here are some fabulous reasons to go out and buy a pair today!

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They Are Amazing for Your Feet

It almost goes without saying but one reason to love the Birkenstock trend is that they are the ultimate shoe for healthy feet! The contoured cork footbed molds to your unique arches and gives just the right amount of support and balance. With my current pregnancy I developed plantar fasciitis- a painful inflammation in the ligaments of the foot. While I was able to manage it well with exercise before the pregnancy, I needed some extra support during, and Birkenstock sandals did just that!


Chunky Shoes Look Great with Skinnies

Fashion is all about personal style: what's currently on-trend may not fit your personal style and that's OK! I personally think chunky shoes like the Birkenstock sandal, pair really well with skinny jeans, skinny trousers and even shorts! It gives a flattering appearance to your legs as well as being stylish and comfortable.


They Come in Many Different Colors

You no longer have to choose from plain colors and styles if you want your own pair of Birks. The classic "hippie" style is generally seen in earth tones and suede material. However, now you have the option of various colors, styles and materials that give these shoes a very chic edge! The metallics, patent leather, bright colors, and even white are easily styled and look fabulous.


They Last Forever

You often hear of people who've had their Birks for decades and it's true - these shoes are made to last! They are sturdy, repel odor and are sealed around the sole for extra protection. You can even have the soles and floor beds replaced over time which makes them like new.


It's All about How You Style Them

Sure, you can easily walk away looking frumpy and outdated in a pair of Birkenstocks if they are styled incorrectly. The classic Arizona style, which is what's pictured generally, needs to be paired with sleek outfits instead of flowy dresses and small printed fabrics. Unless you're going for the hippie look, you'll want to stick to chic, modern outfits (with painted toes!) while sporting your Birks!


It's Actually Fashionable to Wear a Comfy Shoe

Let's just take a moment to appreciate the fact that a comfy shoe is actually fashionable! Most women love their pumps, booties and strappy shoes - all of these look fabulous on but can't be worn for very long. Once you've broken in your Birkenstocks, you can walk all day in them and your feet will not hurt!


They Are Made from Eco-friendly Materials

Birkenstocks are built with integrity - not only do they last for years, they can be recycled and they are made with cork, natural latex and EVA (instead of PVC)- all renewable and non toxic materials! What's not to love about this German company?

There are just so many reasons to love Birkenstocks! After my first pair (and now second!), they are my absolute favorite shoe! Would you care to share your opinion on these "ugly" yet fashionable shoes?

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I've had the same pair since I was a senior in HS and I'm 30 now ... Love them

I have 4 pairs and just got my boyfriend to get a pair...he's in heaven

They are great!

If you wear them with confidence and a cute outfit, no problem. I LOVE them. Your toes need to be polished and manicured. I can make an ugly shoe look cute.

*there are*

Hmmm? If dey r ugly den what's d point other than comfort. There still cute and durable heels that double on comfort as well.

@ makeupobsessed people like?

I would totally buy some new Birkenstock shoes, i had a few different ones a while back but my dog chewed them up lol 😅

Best shoes ever... But what's wrong with the hippie look! *offense!* (even though most of the so called hippies didn't dress like the merry pranksters, hehe, me and my dumb technicalities)

Why do people insist on using terrible English !?

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