31 Shoe Makeover Projects for the Best Dressed Feet in Town ...

By Neecey

How many pairs of shoes do you have in your closet that you just don't wear? (I won't tell you mine in case you faint) They might be not quite the right color to go with anything, they might have been an impulse buy, they might be scuffed or a wee bit damaged or they may just be (dare I say it about a pair of shoes?) - a tad boring. Let them linger no more. The next time you're looking for a rainy day project find your craft mojo and makeover some shoes.

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1 Comic Book Shoes

Comic Book Shoes Via Comic Book Shoes - DIY ...

2 Bling Flip Flops

Bling Flip Flops Via trinketsinbloom.com

3 DIY Lace Sneakers

DIY Lace Sneakers

4 Fabric Flats

Fabric Flats Via Mod Podge Shoes | Make ...

5 Painted Canvas Shoes

Painted Canvas Shoes Via How To Paint Shoes - ...

6 Glitter High Heels

Glitter High Heels

7 Rainbow Tie Dye Shoes

Rainbow Tie Dye Shoes Via DIY Tie Dye Children's Shoes

8 Picture Heels

Picture Heels Via How to Decoupage Shoes | ...

9 Blinged Converse

Blinged Converse Via DIY Blinged Converse Shoes - ...
(Who says these have to be for kids only?)

10 DIY Lace up Gladiator Sandals


11 DIY Monogrammed Converse

DIY Monogrammed Converse Via DIY Monogrammed Converse Chuck Taylors

12 Autographed Shoes

Autographed Shoes Via Wearable Character Autograph Project: Sign ...

13 DIY Glitter Keds!

DIY Glitter Keds! Via DIY Glitter Sneakers

14 Crystal Embellishments

Crystal Embellishments Via 23 Ways To Glam Up ...

15 Dinosaur Heels

Dinosaur Heels Via 22 Silly DIY Projects That ...

16 Tie Dye Sneakers

Tie Dye Sneakers Via Neat Dyed Sneakers - Turning ...

17 Bohemian Boot Makeover

Bohemian Boot Makeover Via momspark.net

18 Toms Makeover

Toms Makeover Via ReFab Diaries: RePair: Patch your ...

19 From Boots to Bootees

From Boots to Bootees Via Naughty Baubles: ****Quick Fix - ...

20 DIY Shoe Clips

DIY Shoe Clips Via DIY Tutorial: Shoe Clips / ...

21 Lace Heels

Lace Heels Via 10 Ways To Hack Your ...

22 Heel Fix

Heel Fix Via The 36th AVENUE | 15 ...

23 Tutorial for Covering Shoes in Fabric

Tutorial for Covering Shoes in Fabric Via Houndstooth Shoes DIY {Liven Up ...

24 Crystal Shoes

Crystal Shoes Via How-to Apply Swarovski Crystal / ...

25 DIY Gold-Tipped Ballet Flats

DIY Gold-Tipped Ballet Flats Via DIY Gold-Tipped Ballet Flats

26 Mod Podge Revamp

Mod Podge Revamp Via 20 Mod Podge shoe projects ...

27 Simple Fix

Simple Fix Via my thrifty chic: How to ...

28 Move over Louboutin

Move over Louboutin Via Restyle.Restore.Rejoice: DIY Glitter Pumps

29 Tribal Heels

Tribal Heels Via Top 10 Unique DIY Heels ...

30 Girly Sneakers

Girly Sneakers Via Get Crafty with DIY Projects ...

31 DIY Colored Soles

DIY Colored Soles Via 31 Insanely Easy And Clever ...

Time to put your best foot forward ladies.

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They look really tacky

Reallyy creative!

Really good idea thanks


Love this!

Can't imagine how could walk with the dinosaur heels but amazing tips 👍🏻

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