25 Gorgeous Shoes to Trade Your Winter Boots for ...

By Teresa

25 Gorgeous Shoes to Trade Your Winter Boots for ...

I don't know about you, but I've been ready to ditch my winter boots since the first snowfall. It's finally getting to that time of the year. Spring is a time of new beginnings, so if you're looking to update your shoe closet, these shoes are definitely some that you should go for!

Table of contents:

  1. polka dot wedges
  2. classic nike with a twist
  3. floral vans
  4. pastel converse
  5. pastel boat shoes
  6. stunning heels
  7. peep-toe booties
  8. mint platform wedges
  9. kate spade ballet flats
  10. coral and stripes
  11. cut-out flats
  12. simple flats
  13. bright floral flats
  14. turquoise espadrilles
  15. tan sandals
  16. neon floral vans
  17. nude and coral
  18. pink flats
  19. pointed toe flats
  20. burberry mary jane heels
  21. 90s heels
  22. pointy flats
  23. moccasins
  24. fun loafers
  25. pastel mint flats

1 Polka Dot Wedges

Via Spring And Summer Wave Point ...
Nothing screams spring quite like polka dots!

2 Classic Nike with a Twist

Via Spring Lookbook - Simple outfit ...
Nikes are obviously awesome, but this floral twist on them is even better!

3 Floral Vans

Via nikkzz
Vans are a must-have for spring, but this floral option is even more perfect for the spring season.

4 Pastel Converse

Via Converse Chucks, Sizes 08-3
How can you not love pastel Converse tennis shoes?

5 Pastel Boat Shoes

Via Favorite Things Friday -
These are Vans for J.Crew, which is basically the best idea ever. I think we all need a pair this spring.

6 Stunning Heels

Via Runway Pictures - Fall 2015 ...
These heels remind me of my ballet days, which I think is the point, but I love these for springtime!

7 Peep-Toe Booties

Via Steve Madden Paulina
These taupe peep-toe booties are sure to spice up any spring look!

8 Mint Platform Wedges

I've been obsessed with these mint platform wedges for years now, and I think with a tan they are the perfect spring shoe!

9 Kate Spade Ballet Flats

Via 19 Sweet Picks From Kate ...
I love that these are a muted shoe with a bright pink pop of color! They're gorgeous!

10 Coral and Stripes

Besides the fact that this shoe style is very much on-trend this spring, the coral and black and white stripes contrast is perfect for a spring afternoon.

11 Cut-out Flats

Via Qupid Palmer-64X Two Tone Ankle ...
There's something about these shoes that remind me of Easter! They're perfect for spring!

12 Simple Flats

Via ebay.com
These are so cute. I love that they're simple but can be dressed up so easily.

13 Bright Floral Flats

Via Patterned Perfection: How to Feature ...
This bright floral is one of my favorite patterns I've seen this season!

14 Turquoise Espadrilles

Via Delicious Glow-S Round Toe Espadrille ...
I think there's something about espadrilles that will always remind me of spring, and with the turquoise color, they're a match made in heaven!

15 Tan Sandals

Via Midsummer. Handmade beautiful leather sandals. ...
These darker tan sandals are so simple yet so on trend this year.

16 Neon Floral Vans

Via ALDO | ALDO Chiou Floral ...
There are so many different beautiful floral prints on these shoes! I think that they're the perfect spring shoe.

17 Nude and Coral

Via Style | Babble
These nude and coral shoes are so beautiful and simple for warmer weather.

18 Pink Flats

Via Gallery & Inspiration | Picture ...
A good pair of pink flats is definitely one of the most important spring essentials!

19 Pointed Toe Flats

Via 13 Pointed Flats That'll Sharpen ...
These flats look so simple yet the pointed toe dresses up any look immediately!

20 Burberry Mary Jane Heels

Via Fashion Trends - Shopping Guides ...
Not only are these Mary Janes made by Burberry, but they're also heels. The nude and black contrast of these shoes reminds me of spring, for some reason!

21 90s Heels

Via Sweet Talk T Strap Dress ...
There's something about these shoes that remind of the 90s. I love the color, and that I can't quite put my finger on what color they are, but I especially love the style. It's so modern and chic!

22 Pointy Flats

Via Life, Love and the Pursuit ...
There's not much about these heels that aren't pointy. From the studs to the toe, these heels rebel against everything that's soft and subtle about spring, making it one of my favorite spring options.

23 Moccasins

Via Free People Driver Moccasin
Moccasins are usually considered a fall shoe, but I think that when they're made out of leather they're instantly transformed for spring!

24 Fun Loafers

Via Colorful Loafers for spring
You've probably seen these loafers everywhere over the past few years, but when they're paired with these fun colors and prints they're instantly updated for a new season!

25 Pastel Mint Flats

Via Favorite Treats Flat in Mint ...
Everything about these flats, from the pastel mint color to the style, remind me of being a little girl around Easter time. If you want to go back to these days, these are the perfect shoes for you!

What are your favorite shoes for spring? Are you ready to ditch your winter boots? I know I am!

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