Well Heeled: Some of the Most Expensive Shoes in the World ...

Some of us lust after a pair of Louboutins. Others would choose Jimmy Choos. Maybe it’s Manolo Blahniks that make you mad with desire. But they remain objects of desire because few of us can afford to drop hundreds of dollars for glamorous designer shoes. So we either covet from afar or save until we can finally get our hands on a delicious pair. But would you spend more than $1 million on a pair of shoes? Be prepared for your socks to be blown off at some of the most expensive shoes in the world.

1. Harry Winston - Ruby Slippers

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A pair of Hollywood’s most iconic shoes has now been turned in to a real pair of the most expensive shoes in the world. Taking inspiration from Dorothy’s ruby slippers in The Wizard Of Oz, Ronald Winston has replaced the red sequins with real rubies, adding up to 50 carats of diamonds and over 4500 carats of authentic rubies. You might be saving up for these for a while, as they have been valued at three million dollars!

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