Different Types of Shoes All Women Need in the Summer ...

By Holly

Different Types of Shoes All Women Need in the Summer ...

You can't wear the same shoes to an amusement park that you'd wear at the beach. Different situations require different footwear, and since the summer gives you so many opportunities to go to different places, you need as many different styles of shoes as you can collect. After all, a woman can never have too many options. That's why you should aim to own each of these types of shoes before the season ends:

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1 Gladiators

fashion model, shoulder, joint, fashion, shoe, These are the most fashionable shoes you could possibly wear during the summer. They contain straps that go up your ankles, drawing attention to your beautiful legs. If you want to strike a balance between casual and dressy, then these are the shoes you need to slip into for your evening out.

2 Wedges

footwear, shoe, leg, sandal, high heeled footwear, Most heels don't look all that summery, so you don't want to wear them on the boardwalk. However, wedges will give you the same height, except they fit the season. If you never wear heels because you have balancing issues, you won't have that problem with wedges. You'll get the elevation that'll make your legs look longer and your booty look better, but they won't make you wobble.

3 Flip-flops

eyewear, sunglasses, vision care, glasses, black hair, Flip-flops are cheap, so you can buy them in every color of the rainbow without hurting your wallet. That way, you'll have something to match every single outfit in your closet. Plus, there are some flip-flops that contain a wedge heel, so if you're self conscious about your height, you don't have to worry about all of your flip-flops being flat.

4 Espadrilles

footwear, jeans, shoe, denim, leg, These shoes are typically made out of cotton fabric and have a flexible sole. That combination makes them super comfortable, so you can feel free to wear them around the house on a lazy day or when you're planning on doing a lot of walking around the mall. Either way, they're sure to keep your feet happy.

5 Flats

shoulder, leg, shoe, joint, photo shoot, Flats can look sleek and professional, so they're perfect for a typical day of work when you don't want to wear heels. They can also look fun and flowery, which means they're great to wear out on a date with your favorite sundress. Plus, as long as you get a pair that fit and don't dig into your heels, they should be completely comfortable.

6 Converse

footwear, sneakers, shoe, outdoor shoe, athletic shoe, You can't ride roller coasters at amusement parks while wearing flip-flops, because they'll fly off of your feet. That's why you need something that will stay put. Besides, if you're walking around all day at a park or on a boardwalk, you don't want to be stuck in uncomfortable shoes that will cause blisters. Converse are not only comfortable, but they're fashionable, so you can't lose.

7 Moccasins

clothing, white, pink, footwear, fashion model, If you want to rock the boho look, then moccasins are a great piece to add to your collection. Even though some people aren't a fan of the way moccasins look, they're super comfortable and casual. That's all you should ask for in a shoe.

You don't want to wear the same shoes to the beach as you'll wear at an amusement park. That's why you need all of these shoes in your closet. What shoes do you find yourself wearing the most often in the summertime?

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Just bought a pair of white low top converse yesterday ☺️☺️

I can't stand flip flops,they just aren't cute and their extremely casual,you'll never seen me in a pair in the summer

I have bad feet so I can't wear most of these shoes😁 I wear sneakers everywhere, flip-flops to the beach, dress flats when needed (I need to add multiple band aids to my heels if I want to wear them for more than 2 hours), and sandals for fashion (adding band aids to my toes).

Good pair of running shoes

#4 is my pictures, what the hell Allwomenstalk?!

Number 2 is ok

I don't know why but I just do not like gladiator sandals! At all!

High heeled converse? No thank you!

Converse wedges are ugly but regular high top (converse) and low top (converse) are really cute

I like wedges, in case you don't want to show your toes, because their not done, wedges can help 😀


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