These 8 Shoes Give New Meaning to "Kitten Heels" ...

By Jennifer

These 8 Shoes Give New Meaning to "Kitten Heels" ...

Cat lovers, rejoice! There's finally a range of shoes you can wear to tell the world your future plans of being a crazy (and yet oh-so-trendy) cat lady.

1 Black & Mint Kitty Flats

Black & Mint Kitty Flats
These are so very cute! I'd wear them with a casual LBD for the office, and let the shoes really shine!

2 Wee Nose & Whiskers Black Heels

Wee Nose & Whiskers Black Heels
The kitty effect is subtle here; some people may not even notice... so you could really wear these with anything, for any fancy-dress occasion.

3 Dia De Los Meow-toes Flats

Dia De Los Meow-toes Flats
These shoes are a little edgier, so wear them with dark skinnies, a graphic tee, and maybe a biker jacket.

4 Black & White Polka Dots Kitty Heels
I'm dying to wear these heels with a vintage-inspired 50s-style shirt dress! How would you wear them?

5 Slightly Nautical Kitty Flats
Is it just me, or do the red and white stripes on these kitty flats have a nautical feel? I'd wear them in summer, instead of boat shoes, with a preppy outfit. Sorry, Sperry, these are just too cute!

6 Gold Kitty Flats
Of course these bright gold flats were designed by Betsey Johnson... and of course I want a pair to wear all fall, with everything!

7 Black & White Dots with Red Bow!
These are a variation on the black and white dots shoes above, but they're a little fancier, with that wee red bow. I'd style this with a black pencil skirt, crisp white blouse, and wear them to work.

8 Cute Cat Sneakers
Kitties can be super-casual, too! Wear these sneakers and bask in the glory of their catty cuteness. Love!

Which of these kitty shoes would you wear, and how would you wear them?

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They're all horrible

They're cute but I wouldn't wear them lol

So adorable!!

I want alllllll

Yeah, they are cute - but they are not for me!

The gold and the black one are cute!!!!!

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