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Memorable Tips to Soothing Sore Feet after a Long Day in Heels ...

By Holly

We wear heels, because they're beautiful. We definitely don't wear them for comfort. That's why our feet can feel horrible after a long day of wearing our favorite stilettos. Thankfully, Glamour has some advice that'll help us soothe our feet after taking off our shoes.

1 Roll Your Ankles

Roll Your Ankles All you have to do is move your ankles around in a clockwise motion. Then switch to counterclockwise.

2 Roll the Bottom of Your Foot over a Soda Can or Tennis Ball

Roll the Bottom of Your Foot over a Soda Can or Tennis Ball Move your foot back and fourth for as long as you can. This will help release tension.


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3 Flex Your Toes

Flex Your Toes Your toes were crammed into heels all day, which is why it's important to stretch them out. Spread them as wide as you can.

4 Stretch Your Calves

Stretch Your Calves "Step one foot a few feet in front of the other, then bend into the front knee as you stretch your back heel toward the floor, lengthening and stretching the back of your calf. Switch sides."

What other exercises have you done to relieve pain after taking off your heels?

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