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21 Gorgeously Glam Flats for Girls Who Don't like Heels ...

By Jennifer

Was anyone else NOT surprised when Victoria Beckham announced she was done with heels? I mean, really. They make your calves and bootie look great, but they're so uncomfortable! That's why I banned heels from my closet and embraced the joy, comfort, and cuteness of flats. There are so many stylish options, and none of them will hurt your feet. Here are a few of my fave flats.

1 Creature Presentation Flat

Creature Presentation FlatPrice: $44.99 at
These may well be the most adorable flats I've ever seen. Made by Cute to the Core, they feature unicorns with rainbow horns. Squee!

2 Live in the Momentum Flat

Live in the Momentum FlatPrice: $34.99 at
I love yellow flats with dark denim, and these goldenrod cut-out flats would look great with skinny jeans, shorts, or even a denim skirt.

3 Tip Tap Toe Flat

Tip Tap Toe FlatPrice: $34.99 at
We all have our favorite LBD (Little Black Dress), so it's only natural that we want a favorite LBF (Little Black Flat) to go along with it, right?

4 Above and Beau Monde Flat

Above and Beau Monde FlatPrice: $34.99 at
Silver shoes are so versatile! They go with everything - white, navy, pink, you name it!

5 Face Your Cheers Flat

Face Your Cheers FlatPrice: $39.99 at
You know I have to make a bad pun here - something about caring about your shoe collection - but aren't these little flats just so cute? If purple's not your thing, they're also available in pink (Cheer Bear).

6 On a Forest-Name Basis Flat

On a Forest-Name Basis FlatPrice: $59.99 at
These are the ultimate statement flats, and they're so comfortable! Wear them with anything in your closet - jeans, shorts, skirts - and enjoy the compliments as they come pouring in.

7 Scholar Back Girl Flat

Price: $49.99 at
These mint-green lace ups are ideal for work or school, adding an air of studiousness to every outfit.

8 Study Buddies Flat

Scholar Back Girl Flat Price: $49.99 at
These mint-green lace ups are ideal for work or school, adding an air of studiousness to every outfit.

8 Study Buddies Flat

Study Buddies FlatPrice: $59.99 at
If you love the look of saddle shoes and spectator pumps, these are the flats for you.

9 Pencil Me in Flat

Pencil Me in FlatPrice: $99.99 at
Who knew Jeffrey Campbell made flats as fab as his heels? I love these!

10 Balletomane Marvel Flat

Balletomane Marvel FlatPrice: $34.99 at
I can't decide what I love most about these flats - the color? The cut-outs? The laces?

11 Mew and Me Forever Flat

Mew and Me Forever FlatPrice: $59.99 at
At first glance, these grey vegan-friendly faux suede flats look completely average. But take a second look, and you'll see the cute kitty faces!

12 Up Your Alley Cat Flat

Up Your Alley Cat FlatPrice: $59.99 at
These kitty faces, however, are not so subtle. If pink isn't your color, not to worry. These flats are also available in mint.

13 Frolic and a Promise Flat

Frolic and a Promise FlatPrice: $49.99 at
This rust color is just gorgeous, and I love the cool cut-outs and sweet ankle strap!

14 Whole Stride World Flat

Whole Stride World FlatPrice: $34.99 at
These flats are so cute! If you're not a fan of the blue polka-dots, they're also available in black and white stripes.

15 Follow Your Leeds Flat

Follow Your Leeds FlatPrice: $49.99 at
These grass-green flats are ideal for spring. Wear them with your prettiest sun dress and soak up some sun!

16 Leading Rainbow Flat

Leading Rainbow FlatPrice: $79.99 at
These loafer-style flats would be the perfect way to add just a little pop of color to a menswear-inspired office ensemble.

17 Tip Tap Toe Flat

Tip Tap Toe FlatPrice: $34.99 at
Yes, you've already seen these shoes at the beginning of the list, in black, but this floral version is so sweet, I had to include them too!

18 Ready or Nautical, Here I Come! Flat

Ready or Nautical, Here I Come! FlatPrice: $34.99 at
Take your preppy nautical look to a whole new level with these stripe-y flats.

19 Stroke of Genus Flat

Stroke of Genus FlatPrice: $34.99 at
Remember that photo floating around of Canada's Justin Trudeau cuddling two baby pandas? Wear these flats to commemorate that moment is cuteness-overload history.

20 Clever so Sweet Flat

Clever so Sweet FlatPrice: $59.99 at
Okay, so I might have a thing for flats with animals, but try these shoes on, and I'm sure you'll be a fan, too.

21 Blossoming Bouclé Flat

Blossoming Bouclé FlatPrice: $39.99 at
For some reason, these remind me of dance shoes... and I love them!

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