7 Pairs of Flats for Busy Women ...


7 Pairs of Flats for Busy Women ...
7 Pairs of Flats for Busy Women ...

When your feet can no longer take heels on a night out, great flats for busy women can come to your rescue. In today’s modern fashion land, flats are scrunchable, rollable, and incredibly compact. Now we no longer have to choose between towering heels and comfortable shoes; we can have both! To see where I am going with this, check out these pairs of flats for busy women that act as vital sole savers!

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Rollasole Rollasoles are so mini, you can fit them in your purse easily! When I do get to go out, which is rare these days, I usually find myself trudging to a cab shoeless. Rollasoles save that hassle. More importantly, they probably ward off a range of nasty diseases. Like tetanus…nobody wants that. These definitely rank highly for me out of all of the pairs of flats for busy women I own!


Butterfly Twists

Butterfly Twists While Rollasoles are great, sometimes a girl just wants to feel a bit like a ballerina. Okay, so donning ballet attire makes little to no difference to how well your feet are protected. I really love this crimson pair of Butterfly Twists, because they look sort of regal! Again, these flats can scrunch up into your purse. That makes them great after a night out or a long day at work.



Toms Great flats don’t have to be about sole saving after you have killed your feet with heels. Sometimes I love to just be comfy. In fact, that is most of the time. Anyway, Toms are both casual and awesome looking. The company tends to change its styles year after year, but I never fail to find something I like.


J. Crew Leather Ballet Flats

J. Crew Leather Ballet Flats All true flat addicts need to have a pair that is designed for longevity. J. Crew really hit the mark here with their leather ballet flats. I love these for several reasons. As well as coming in several bright and comfy colours, they fit my wide feet. As I am sure any other wide footed woman can empathise, this truly is a blessing.


Banana Republic’s Haircalf Flats

Banana Republic’s Haircalf Flats I have to admit, when I first saw these I wasn’t THAT struck by them. After I began considering how badly I need to brighten up my wardrobe for those odd occasions when I do need to work in an office, they grew on me. Eventually, they escaped my work wardrobe and became my favourite shoes to wear with shorts. These flats are sturdy, pretty, and they also come in animal print! They are also remarkably breathable!


Taylor Vegan Ballet Flat by Oka

Taylor Vegan Ballet Flat by Oka I love that there is a pair of ballet flats out there that meets everyone’s ethics! These vegan ballet flats are also super shiny, which means they provide instant daytime glam. According to the designers, reflexology inspired the design of these shoes. This is, apparently, a bit like having a massage with every step. That appeals to me on so many levels.


Zara Pointed Slingback

Zara Pointed Slingback Once again, Zara have hit the mark in the shoe department! I can see why Kate Middleton loves this store, as the shoes are beautiful AND budget friendly. Not that she needs to watch her pennies or anything. I don’t own a pair of these, but if I did I would wear them everywhere. Slingbacks are my best friend when I want to go out for dinner, but can’t quite handle heels.

As someone with wide feet, I find all of these flats (spare the Zara ones, which I am yet to try) incredibly comfy! I have found that having a good range of beautiful pairs saves wardrobe malfunctions, while helping my feet feel great. If anybody has any great recommendations, I’d love to know!

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I love TOMS!!! I have 6 pairs!!

Don't buy leather pls it's cruel:( but Toms are the best<3

I love Taylor vegan

Crew leather ballet flats amd toms are good!

I recommend toms the most :)

I want to try the Taylor vegan ballets now!

Where can you find the butterfly flats?

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