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Choosing shoes when you’re pregnant sometimes feels like an unnecessary minefield. If that edema kicks in, which it does for many of us, a pair of heels is about as welcome as tequila shots! On the other hand, you don’t want choosing shoes when you’re pregnant to be all about comfort. We deserve to stay stylish during pregnancy too! Fortunately, there is a way to strike a balance.

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Know Your Abilities

I hate to be a bore, but choosing shoes when you’re pregnant does have a little to do with being sensible. If, like myself, you’re likely to break your ankle wearing stilettos, don’t choose pregnancy as a time to start donning them. Similarly, if you find them even a little challenging it’s probably better to opt for different shoe styles. Wedges give you height, and kitten heels are just cute. Know what works well for you, and own it nicely.


Know Your Body

You’ll be told to ‘know’ your body a lot during your pregnancy. When it comes to your feet, there is quite a strong chance you will develop edema. Now your physician will certainly tell you about other symptoms that run alongside edema that can mean it is a cause for concern, but for now I am focusing on you and your shoes! Basically, just know whether your shoes are going to be comfy. Don’t try and squeeze them into patent heels when edema kicks in, go for ballet pumps with plenty of wiggle room or thongs.


Latch on to Comfy Trends

Ballet pumps are going to look cute for quite a while. What’s even better is, they aren’t going to constrict your feet. Similarly, go for brands that are well known for accommodating comfort. This can mean Toms, or even Converse. If it isn’t usually a shoe type you would wear, just think outside the box to work it into your outfit.


Pick Style over Fashion

I know I have mentioned trends, but sometimes it is better to choose ‘style’ over ‘fashion.’ Trends come and go, which means that pair of shoes you won’t usually wear is going to be useless to you in a few months when you’re not pregnant. In contrast, stylish shoes may continue with their uses! Even better, you can use them for subsequent pregnancies.


Think about What You Are Wearing Them for

Are you wearing those new shoes for a wedding? Then you may just get away with heels for a couple of hours. Are you wearing them for a job that involves a lot of standing? Don’t go for heels. Women are prone to edema during pregnancy and standing only makes the problem worse. Don’t combine constricting shoes with biological irritations, shop harder for something comfier.


Aim for Indoor Luxury

Okay, we know that millions of women get pregnant each year. However, does that mean you shouldn’t treat yourself to something that helps you relax? My advice is to aim for a seriously comfy pair of slippers and put them on every time you walk through the door. Then, put your feet up and relax. They’ll be great for the hospital too!


Try Posture Improving Shoes

Your posture isn’t going to be as it normally is when you are pregnant. Brands like ShoeTherapy produce shoes that address your posture. This in turn supports your back, which makes your body comfortable overall. Some of them are quite stylish too, making them ideal for work.

Pregnancy footwear doesn’t need to be dull. While one woman may react badly to anything other than the comfiest slippers, others will own every pair of heels going. Really, you just need to know what works well for you. How did you treat your feet during pregnancy?

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