7 Fabulously Fashionable Shoes to Wear to Work ...

By Laura

Finding shoes to wear to work sometimes feels like a bit of a struggle. On the one hand, you don’t want to go so over the top that they are not practical. And then there is the struggle to stay fashionable. Fortunately, you can find shoes to wear to work that go in both directions.

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1 Aldo Gallialan

Aldo Gallialan When it comes to shoes to wear to work, you hardly get more practical than Oxfords. While I like looking at this trend on others, I always wonder whether I would suit it myself. If anybody out there feels as I do, then you might like these Gallialans from Aldo. As they don’t go for full coverage, they still look effortlessly stylish.

2 Circa Joan & David Lucia

Circa Joan & David Lucia Some workplaces flat out demand flat footwear. I can remember working in one bar that wanted us to wear loafers, because it made it easier for us to get up and down some steep cellar stairs. Fortunately, loafers aren’t always boring. I love theses from Circa Joan & David, because they stay flat without looking drab.

3 Vaneli Siesta

Vaneli Siesta If you have the chance to make your flats look funky, go for it! Sometimes your working day naturally commands flats. But if you do not have a dress code at your workplace, then why should you avoid looking vibrant? If you feel like stepping away from neutral colors, then go for these Siesta themed flats from Vaneli.

4 Paul Green Topaz Zipper

Paul Green Topaz Zipper There is something about grey boots that I adore. I don’t enjoy them in their boring forms, but I do love them when they take a unique approach to the shape. These peep toe boots from Paul Green are just gorgeous. You might need something more sensible when the cold weather kicks in, but they should do for now.

5 Nina Originals Flip

Nina Originals Flip Maybe you work in the business world, where anything short of heels just won’t do. If that is the case, these beauties from Nina Originals are a great twist on the usual heels us ladies wear. They incorporate the ankle cuff trend that is big this season. That means you instantly look fashionable, even though you are wearing your working wardrobe.

6 Gabor

Gabor I say this a lot, but I really cannot walk in thin heels that well! If I want some height, I either have to wear chunky heels or wedges. I love these from Gabor, because they have great potential to inject some color into your outfit. They come in a couple of other shades too.

7 Soft Style Elida

Soft Style Elida If you work somewhere that is casual enough for you to wear sandals, congrats! As I work from home, I incorporate them into my ‘working outfit’ as often as I can. Still, in some workplaces you need to maintain that sensible façade. These Elida sandals from Soft Style allow you to do just that. They bridge the gap between comfortable and fashionable.

When you choose shoes for work, think about the environment you’ll be in. Clearly towering heels aren’t so great for physicians who need to run somewhere on an emergency! Whatever you need to wear, it is absolutely possible to stay stylish. What sort of shoes do you wear at your work, and what sort of workplace are they suitable for?

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