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By Neecey

If you’re going on vacation to follow a seriously jam-packed sightseeing itinerary, you have to give much consideration to your travel shoes. Nothing spoils a day visiting amazing sights than aching and sore feet. They won’t thank you the next day either. Let me warn you now, the travel shoes I’m going to show you may not win any awards in the fashion stakes but that’s not the point. You will be surprised, however, if you keep an open mind and remember you’re looking for function not fashion, you might be surprised by how good looking some of these travel shoes are.

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1 Pluggz Loafers

Pluggz Loafers Totally flat shoes, like ballet flats, aren’t especially the best travel shoes. You need a little support and cushioning for your heel. Pluggz loafers are more than just shoes. They are shows with a science behind them – it’s called grounding/earthing – check out the explanation at pluggz.com. The loafers are great for sightseeing because they have padded memory foam arches and heels, moisture wicking and anti-microbial lining. They come in some great colors in suede and fabric and in full half sizes between 6 and 10.

2 Veracruz Espadrille

Veracruz Espadrille I only recently discovered tommybahama.com but have been really impressed by their quality and suitability for travel. Spending about $100 at this site is a real investment. I would totally go for these shoes. Use them when you sail a boat around the Greek Islands or tramping the streets of Paris. The heavy linen upper, canvas lining and jute insole ensures your precious feet remain cool and comfortable. Comes in navy or straw color.

3 Hedgefrog

Hedgefrog If your tastes are more sporty, maybe the Hedgefrog is your ideal pair of travel shoes. Made by world renowned outdoor leisure brand North Face, the Hedgefrog (cute name, eh?) is a hybrid that works equally well on the trail or the pavement. It’s made from water-friendly synthetic nubuck and fastens quickly with a pull lace-lock system. The compression sole offers great comfort. The Hedgefrog is currently on sale at snowandrock.com

4 Leisa Taffy Sandal

Leisa Taffy Sandal I like sandals for walking but I don’t really like those sporty ones designed especially for the job. For something that looks more like a sandal, I like this one. Made by Clarks, the British shoemaker who is known more for its sensible, stylish shoes than fashion footwear, the Leisa Taffy offers trademark Bendables flexibility and plenty of support and comfort, yet still looks good enough to wear when not sightseeing. Comes in a range of colors and is available from Clarks stockists and amazon.com.

5 Angelfish

Angelfish I had a pair of Sperry Top Siders Bluefish and they saw me through a 3 week trip to South Africa where I really put them through their paces. They are designed to be boat shoes but they are hard wearing and comfortable enough to qualify as general use travel shoes. You’ll love the hand-sewn construction and the comfort and support. Check out sperrytopsider.co.uk because there’s lots of different styles on a similar theme.

6 Zirra

Zirra You know I said I don’t like the sporty type walking sandals? These may have just changed my mind. I love the minimalist look of the Zirra by Teva. They manage to look quite feminine while still providing trademark Shoc Pad heel absorption and plenty of comfort and support. If this pleases your eye, check out the range of Teva walking sandals because it’s quite impressive.

7 Mimosa Fizz

Mimosa Fizz This is the pair I’m currently eyeing up. They from Merrell, one of the leading names in walking shoes and I’m loving the Mary Jane styling and the pink color but there are four other options too, including black. Comfortable and stylish, the Minmoisa Fizz is made from breathable materials with built in odor control and the air cushion provides support and shock absorption. Currently retailing at merrell.com

I hope I’ve shown you that travel shoes that provide comfort and support don’t have to be boring and you don’t totally have to give up on style. Do you have a trusty pair of walking shoes? Who makes them?

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I could wear the sperry's or maybe the first pair. The rest really are like granny shoes! And @Emily I love my Clark's as well!

I also carry my Fit Flops which are etremely comfortable!

#2 is really cute.

Skechers Go Walk are awesome too... I have no achy legs when I wear them!

Sightseeing shoes are meant to be about the comfort and health of your feet not a major fashion statekment. Trust me. If you had spent 3 weeks wondering around South Africa, walking and on your feet for 9-12 hours a day, you wouldn't find these unattractive! All of these are best sellers because travelers know they have to look after their precious feet.

i would never were those shoes, they look like granny shoes or geeks shoes or poor people shoes. sorry but its true.

All great shoes for running around after little kids in :)

What about Sketchers Go Walks?? SO comfy, affordable and stylish!

were = wear*

I love number 5


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