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Slippers are just what you need now that winter is just around the corner. They are perfect for keeping your feet warm even if it's frigid and blustery outside. Even warmer than socks, slippers are great for a cozy day at home while you watch movies or bake cookies. No matter what the day brings, you'll be ready for anything with your favorite pair of slippers on hand. Check out what's on this list, then get ready to do some shopping.

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Button Embellishments

Button Embellishments Via Cutest Knitted DIY: FREE Pattern ...
The buttons on the sides of these make them a pair of slippers you won't be embarrassed to wear when guests come over.


BASIC Crochet Slipper

Via BASIC Crochet Slipper Pattern
If you can't crochet these yourself, have someone you know make them for you.


Fabric Scraps

Fabric Scraps Via Little Things To Sew – ...
These adorable slippers come together with some fabric scraps.



Via Slipper Boots! So toasty warm! ...
These boot slippers look pretty warm and cozy, don't you think?


Backless Slippers

Backless Slippers Via Dearfoam Slippers for $6.40 - ...
I love these slippers because they are perfect if you need to run outside and throw out the trash because they have soles on them.


Customized Colors

Via Instant Download - Crochet Pattern ...
If you can make these, you can make them in virtually any color combination you can dream up.


Pom Poms

These are super fun! Don't you love the cute pom poms on them?


Magical Unicorn Slippers

Via Magical Unicorn Slippers
If you want a pair of slippers with lots of personality, these unicorns are definitely the ones for you.


Fuzzy Slippers

Via 13 DIY At-Home Spa Tricks
You can't go wrong with a pair of fuzzy slippers when it comes to keeping your feet warm.


Cozy Knit

Cozy Knit Via shop.nordstrom.com
These might be my favorite pair! They look warm and cozy and they wouldn't get wet if you went outside with them on.


Baby Slippers

Via beckandlundy: Fall Quilt Market 2012 ...
These adorable baby slippers would have your little one feeling just as comfy as you.


Knit Felt

Via Pilgrim Purse ~ and Poetry: ...
These warm slippers fit your feet just right. Wear them with your jammies while you hang out.


Ivory Knitted Slipper Boot Socks

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Part slipper, part sock, these are adorable and warm at the same time.


With Tights

Via Knitted DROPS slippers---these would be ...
Wear your slippers with a pair of tights to keep you even warmer.


Crazy Elf Slippers

Via Crochet Elf Slippers
Get in the holiday spirit with these elf inspired slippers. They are even green and red for Christmas.


Mary Jane Design

Via Crocheted Slippers - with roundup! ...
These are stylish, comfy and warm at the same time. If you can do yarn crafts, you can make these!


Fancy Slipper Boots

Via Crocheted Slippers - with roundup! ...
Go for something with flair when you buy these cute slipper boots. I love the yarn balls!


Fur Lined

Via uggaustralia.com
There is nothing cozier than wearing a pair of fur lined boots. Choose them in your favorite color.


Knit and Fur

Via Slipaway Slipper
These slippers are the perfect blend of knitted sweater and fur on the inside.


Crochet Minion Slippers

Via Minion slippers PATTERN - PDF ...
Anyone would love wearing these cute slippers. Make them for everyone on your list this year.


Kimono Slipper

Via Lauren E Fabrications: Kimono Slipper ...
The fabric is adorable, but the design is pretty great too.


Converse Copycats

Via Slipper socks pattern by Rea ...
If you love wearing your Converse, trade them for these slippers when you get home


Vans Pattern

Via Shush's Handmade Stuff: "Vans" - ...
On the other hand, if Vans are your style, you'll love wearing these great slippers.


Big Socks

Big Socks Via knit project: bootie slippers
These slippers are great if you're a fan of big fuzzy socks. Cute, huh?


Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey Via Ladies Sock Monkey Slippers pattern ...
Everyone loves sock monkeys, which means pretty much anyone is going to love these slippers.


Add a Flower

Add a Flower Via ♥crochet adult boot slippers
Make your slippers ultra girly by adding a crocheted flower to them.



Via Quilted Slippers: Free Sewing Patterns ...
These quilted slippers are pretty easy to make and you can use any kind of fabric you love.


Fabric Slippers

Via prudentbaby.com
Here's another fun way to use some fabric scraps.

Who doesn't love a good, cozy pair of slippers? I know that getting home at the end of the day and getting comfy is the best part of the entire day. Did you see some that you love?

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