Espadrille Sandals for Your on and off Duty Situations ...

By Eliza

They might look sky high, but espadrilles are actually pretty comfortable. Since the heel is solid from back to front (unlike stilettos), you get a lot more support and can wear them for longer amounts of time. And some of them are flat for even more comfort. Whether you want espadrilles for work or play, there are tons of options to choose from in all price ranges. I've gathered some of the very best to inspire you. Have fun wearing totally cute shoes!

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1 Neutral Ankle Strap on Light Pink

Neutral Ankle Strap on Light Pink

2 How about Blue Crochet?

How about Blue Crochet? ‌‌

3 Fun Coral Color

Fun Coral Color

4 Perfect for a Skirt

Perfect for a Skirt

6 Adorable Zipper Design

7 Bright Yellow for Lots of Fun

Bright Yellow for Lots of Fun

8 Two Tone Black and Red

9 You Need Light Blue

You Need Light Blue

10 Perfect Black

Perfect Black

11 Sling Back Style

Sling Back Style

12 Blue and Black Stripes

Blue and Black Stripes ‌

13 Perfect for Any Outfit

Perfect for Any Outfit

14 Metallic, Shiny Gold

Metallic, Shiny Gold

15 Lots of Bright Colors

Lots of Bright Colors

16 Cute Stripes

17 Nude Color

Nude Color

18 How about Some Animal Print?

How about Some Animal Print?

19 Bright Red

Bright Red

20 Lovely Shiny Silver

Lovely Shiny Silver

21 Totally Fun and Funky

Totally Fun and Funky ‌‌‌

Which pair are you dying to have? What will you wear them with?

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Espadrilles give you height & are easier to walk in than stilettos.

I have #14 so comfy! I love most of these...time to go shopping!


16 Oh yes. Love it.

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