8 Dressy Flat Sandals to Wear at Night ...


8 Dressy Flat Sandals to Wear at Night ...
8 Dressy Flat Sandals to Wear at Night ...

Dressy flat sandals just don’t get the attention they deserve, in my opinion. For a night out, the go-to option tends to be a pair of heels or wedge shoes. However, for those who prefer to stay more down to earth, in every sense of the phrase, a dressy flat sandal can be much more appealing. There are plenty of sandals that are worthy of wearing on a night out. Take a look at a few flat and dressy sandals below.

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Bold Standard Sandal

Bold Standard Sandal Price: $32.99 at modcloth.com

If you’re looking to dress up your look you can’t go past metallics. These dressy flat sandals come in a chic gold finish and feature snake-skin textured straps. Team these sandals with a white shift dress, matching metallic jewellery, and an embellished clutch for a fresh night time look.


Chain Print Sandals

Chain Print Sandals Price: $50.00 at us.topshop.com

These leather sandals would be well suited for a beach or poolside party. The have a simple thong design with a printed fabric woven through metallic chain straps. The fabric then ties around the ankles. These would look great worn with cuffed trousers and a slinky singlet.


Leather Strap Sandals

Leather Strap Sandals Price: $36.00 at us.topshop.com

If you prefer more minimal styles when it comes to dressy flat sandals then check out this sleek pair. They feature straps at the toes and at the ankles with an adjustable buckle fastening. Wear these with dark denim jeans, a silk blouse, and sequined side bag for a casual night time look.


Suedette Studded Sandals

Suedette Studded Sandals Price: $18.80 at forever21.com

Sandals with embellishments are always a great option for wearing at night. These suede-look sandals feature a studded panel to the top of the foot and straps around the sides. These would look great teamed with a black maxi dress and statement necklace for a bohemian inspired night time outfit.


Leather Flat Sandals with Embellishments

Leather Flat Sandals with Embellishments Price: $61.00 at asos.com

The embellishments on these dressy flat sandals will surely make you want to stare at your feet all night. The uppers feature silver-tone metallic beaded detailing arranged in an interesting circular pattern. You could try wearing these with a one-shouldered maxi dress for a bit of a cocktail-inspired look.


These leather flat sandals with embellishments are not only stylish, but also comfortable for a night out. They are priced at $61.00 and can be found on asos.com. The silver-tone metallic beaded detailing adds a touch of elegance to the sandals, making them perfect for a dressy occasion. They can be paired with a one-shouldered maxi dress for a chic and sophisticated look. These sandals are a great addition to any shoe collection, as they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. They are also versatile enough to be worn during the day with a casual outfit.


Messeca Lina Metallic Flat Sandals

Messeca Lina Metallic Flat Sandals Price: $192.00 at asos.com

Work a more futuristic angle in these flat sandals. These sandals feature tube style straps with quilted seams and in a tonal finish. These would look great worn with leather-look pants or black jeans and a peplum top.


Studded Bow Thong Sandals

Studded Bow Thong Sandals Price: $16.80 at forever21.com

The bow detail on these sandals gives them a more feminine twist. They have a thong style design and come in a faux suede finish. For a bit of a more glamorous touch, the bows also feature rhinestone studs. Wear these sandals with cropped pants or skirts that will show off the bow details.


Marni Crystal Embellished Suede Sandals

Marni Crystal Embellished Suede Sandals Price: $735.00 at net-a-porter.com

These dressy sandals can definitely be filed under “in my dreams, only”. These suede sandals are adorned with multicoloured crystal embellishments. Worn with a full skirt and a silk blouse, they’re all you’ll need to achieve an effortlessly cool look.

Give your feet a break by donning a pair of dressy flat sandals on your next night out. Sandals with metallic finishes or embellishments look great. Would you wear a dressy flat sandal with your next night time or party outfit?

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