8 Dressy Flat Sandals to Wear at Night ...

Dressy flat sandals just don’t get the attention they deserve, in my opinion. For a night out, the go-to option tends to be a pair of heels or wedge shoes. However, for those who prefer to stay more down to earth, in every sense of the phrase, a dressy flat sandal can be much more appealing. There are plenty of sandals that are worthy of wearing on a night out. Take a look at a few flat and dressy sandals below.

1. Bold Standard Sandal

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Price: $32.99 at modcloth.com

If you’re looking to dress up your look you can’t go past metallics. These dressy flat sandals come in a chic gold finish and feature snake-skin textured straps. Team these sandals with a white shift dress, matching metallic jewellery, and an embellished clutch for a fresh night time look.

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