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23 Strappy Summer Sandals That Are Super Comfy ...

By Jennifer

Listen, I'm done wearing shoes that don't feel as good as they look. That's why I've been trying on all sorts of strappy sandals, looking for the pairs that are both cute and comfy. Here's what I've found (and fallen in love with).

1 Sand Tassel Competition Sandal

Sand Tassel Competition SandalPrice: $24.99 at
These sandals only look like leather - in reality the red suede is totes faux, so you can wear them gorgeously guilt-free all summer long.

2 Business before Treasure Sandal

Business before Treasure SandalPrice: $74.99 at
Available in whole and half sizes from 6 to 10, these sweet sandals are all about the embellishments.

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3 My Kind of Ghillie Sandal

My Kind of Ghillie SandalPrice: $39.99 at
These may look odd in the box, but on? They're really cute, and they're so comfortable!

4 Knot as I do Sandal

Knot as I do SandalPrice: $29.99 at
You just can't go wrong with a pair of LBSs (Little Black Sandals). They come in a wide range of sizes, from 5 to 10, too.

5 Serene Campsite Sandal

Serene Campsite SandalPrice: $39.99 at
I love that these sandals are so comfortable, and I also adore that they have a little tread on them. They're also available in denim, so you have some choice.

6 Spur of the Movement Sandal

Spur of the Movement SandalPrice: $49.99 at
These are so pretty! I love the ankle strap, and the tassel, and the pretty macrame with tiny blue beads.

7 Tiki Bar Star Sandal

Tiki Bar Star SandalPrice: $29.99 at
Choose black or this bright sunshine yellow: either way, you'll win. These sandals are cute!

8 Dots of Promise Sandal

Dots of Promise SandalPrice: $34.99 at
Who knew Keds made such sweet sandals? This pair comes in black and white dots, or this mandarin hue. Which would you choose?

9 On the Gravy Chain Sandal

On the Gravy Chain SandalPrice: $59.99 at
These gold-tone sandals would be ideal for almost anything in your summer wardrobe, but especially that flow-y boho maxi dress you wear on date night.

10 Foot the Thrill Wedge

Foot the Thrill WedgePrice: $49.99 at
While not all wedges are comfy, this pair, in light pink metallic, sure is.

11 Obviously Innovative Sandal

Obviously Innovative SandalPrice: $49.99 at
These faux-suede flip-flops feature a fuller upper than I'm used to, but they're so cute and comfortable!

12 The Sun of Its Parts Sandal

The Sun of Its Parts SandalPrice: $39.99 at
These fun floral-print sandals are made by Madden Girl, so you know they'll last this whole summer long, and probably next summer, too.

13 Embellished for Effect Sandal

Embellished for Effect SandalPrice: $64.99 at
If a little (or a lot) of bling is your thing, then these are the sandals for you.

14 Saved by the Jelly Sandal

Saved by the Jelly SandalPrice: $24.99 at
I like the gold glitter the best, but these adorable jelly sandals also come in yellow, pink, or clear.

15 Back in a Flashy Sandal

Back in a Flashy SandalPrice: $49.99 at
Are you more of a silver or champagne sort of girl? This sandal comes in both colors, so you can get exactly the shade you love most.

16 What's the Plan, Sand? Sandal

What's the Plan, Sand? SandalPrice: $39.99 at
These super-strappy sandals by Blowfish come in chocolate brown, or this really fun teal color. Love!

17 Glitz on and Poppin' Sandal

Glitz on and Poppin' SandalPrice: $34.99 at
Planning a beach wedding? Then these only slightly blinged-out flip-flops would be perfect for your big day!

18 Tous Les Journey Sandal

Tous Les Journey SandalPrice: $64.99 at
If you've ever wished you could get your favorite Minnetonka mocs in a summer-ready sandal... here they are, in a gorgeous mossy green.

19 Notoriously Noticeable Sandal

Notoriously Noticeable SandalPrice: $29.99 at
All that glitters isn't gold, but these sandals, featuring cool cutouts, they sure are!

20 My Kiltie Pleasure Sandal

My Kiltie Pleasure SandalPrice: $59.99 at
These leather kiltie-adorned sandals in a metallic beige zip in the back and would be ideal for a summer festival, with that sweet floral halo and your best smudgy eyeliner.

21 Tell Me about It, Studs Sandal

Tell Me about It, Studs SandalPrice: $39.99 at
Which do you like more, the rows of shiny studs, or the big buckle? You don't have to choose: these sandals do come with both. I was just wondering.

22 Cub and Get It Sandal

Cub and Get It SandalPrice: $49.99 at
Okay, I *might* have a thing for animal-themed shoes, and it seems to have carried over to my sandal shopping, too.

23 Water Stride Sandal

Water Stride SandalPrice: $49.99 at
Falling into the "so ugly they're cute, but so comfy, who cares?" category are these fun sandals, in pastel pink with mint and purple.

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