Pretty Summer Sandals to Bring Classic and Fashionable Together ...

By Allison

Pretty  Summer Sandals  to Bring Classic  and Fashionable  Together ...

These pretty summer sandals bring classic and fashionable together! According to Refinery 29, these chic options you can wear year after year and not grow tired of. These minimal and timeless pretty summer sandals are definitely worth the investment. Look for a subdued, clean silhouette and over time you'll have a collection that will last. Read on to find your future pair of pretty summer sandals to complete every outfit!

Table of contents:

  1. gap leather lattice sandal
  2. by far atacama white
  3. h&m yellow strappy sandals
  4. zara satin bow slides
  5. olive & june saturday sandal
  6. loeffler randal rubie sandal
  7. camper oruga
  8. tabitha simmons cleo bow-embellished polka dot twill slides
  9. loq xavi sandal nude
  10. kenneth cole justine sandal
  11. mansur gavriel single strap sandal
  12. gucci women's thong sandal
  13. sol sana suzy mule
  14. topshop havoy woven sandals
  15. miss selfridge bow sandal

1 Gap Leather Lattice Sandal

footwear, brown, shoe, product, flip flops, Gap Leather Lattice Sandal, $26, available at Gap.

2 By Far Atacama White

footwear, flip flops, shoe, leather, sandal, By Far Atacama White, $229, available at By Far.

3 H&M Yellow Strappy Sandals

footwear, flip flops, shoe, sandal, leather, H&M Sandals, $17.99, available atH&M.

4 Zara Satin Bow Slides

footwear, shoe, product, leather, brand, Zara Satin Bow Slides, $39.90, available at Zara.

5 Olive & June Saturday Sandal

pink, footwear, flower, floristry, petal, Olive & June Saturday Sandal Tan, $65, available at Olive & June.

6 Loeffler Randal Rubie Sandal

footwear, shoe, sandal, leather, leg, Loeffler Randal Rubie Sandal, $245, available at Loeffler Randal.

7 Camper Oruga

food, produce, Camper Oruga $125, available at Camper.

8 Tabitha Simmons Cleo Bow-embellished Polka Dot Twill Slides

footwear, shoe, flip flops, sandal, outdoor shoe, Tabitha Simmons Cleo Bow-embellished Polka Dot Twill Slides, $575, available atNet-A-Porter.

9 LOQ Xavi Sandal Nude

footwear, flip flops, leather, sandal, shoe, LOQ Xavi Sandal Nude, $290, available at Garmentory.

10 Kenneth Cole Justine Sandal

footwear, product, sandal, furniture, armrest, Kenneth Cole Justine Sandal, $34, available at Kenneth Cole.

11 Mansur Gavriel Single Strap Sandal

footwear, pink, shoe, leather, leg, Mansur Gavriel Single Strap Sandal, $425, available at Mansur Gavriel.

12 Gucci Women's Thong Sandal

footwear, flip flops, shoe, product, sandal, Gucci Women's Thong Sandal, $270, available at Gucci.

13 Sol Sana Suzy Mule

footwear, shoe, flip flops, sandal, leg, Sol Sana Suzy Mule, $160, available at Styled By Noir.

14 Topshop Havoy Woven Sandals

footwear, flip flops, shoe, leather, sandal, Topshop Havoy Woven Sandals, $45, available at Topshop.

15 Miss Selfridge Bow Sandal

footwear, shoe, leg, high heeled footwear, toe, Miss Selfridge Bow Sandal, $55, available at Miss Selfridge.

You're probably asking yourself how you lived your whole life without these pretty summer sandals. What was your favorite pair? Let us know in the comments!

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