7 Stylish Open-Toed Sandals ...

Open-toed sandals make great footwear for spring and summer. They're easy to slip on but they're also extremely fashionable. Sure, you have to make sure your toes are in good order, but hey, it if means wearing a gorgeous peep toe sandal, sign me up for a pedicure post haste! I've spotted some of the season's hottest footwear trends, and here's my list of the most styles open-toed shoes of the spring/summer season!

1. Diane Von Furstenberg Elan Leather and Rubber Wedges

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Price: $395.00 at net-a-porter.com
Lots of open-toed sandals look like actual dress shoes this season. That's why I love these little kitten heels from Diane von Furstenberg. The combination of black, lime green, and beige is gorgeous, and ankle strap offers lots of support, and those heels themselves are just too cute!

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