7 Ankle Boots to Wear with Summer Dresses ...

Ankle boots for dresses can vary from sturdy styles to those that are more delicate. Teaming an ankle boot with a flirty summer dress is a great way for creating a toughened up, off-duty look. This summer, ditch the ballet flats and sandals and try teaming your dresses with ankle boots instead. The following are just a few ankle boots for dresses that you may want to try out.

1. Abacus Leather Chelsea Ankle Boots

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Price: $66.28 at us.asos.com
These low-cut flat ankle boots are a fail safe option. A black ankle boot is truly versatile and can be style in a manner of ways. These come in a classic β€˜Chelsea’ style with a low heel. These boots would look great worn with a navy and white polka dot dress.

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