8 Beautiful Beach Sandals ...


8 Beautiful Beach Sandals ...
8 Beautiful Beach Sandals ...

Even if you have a pool at home, chances are, you visit the beach at least a few times each summer, if for no other reason than to see what everyone’s wearing, or perhaps to scout a new piece of eye-candy. Whatever your reason, you’ll want to look stellar from head (floppy, stylish sun hat) to toe (beautiful beach sandals) and I can help! Here are a few of my favorite pairs of hotter-than-summer-sand** beach sandals**.

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Collected Lights Sandals

Collected Lights Sandals Price: $108.00 at anthropologie.com
These beautiful beach shoes by Lucky Penny have something very few accessories can boast — a jewelry-worthy assortment of beads and baubles across its vamp that catch and toss the light and the waves. They have a leather upper for comfort and long wear and adjustable ankle strap to ensure a perfect fit.


Madras Garden Slides

Madras Garden Slides Price: $158.00 at anthropologie.com
I adore madras plaid, and while it’s normally relegated to shorts and tennis shoes, this pair of beach sandals features the brilliant-hued plaid, too. They’re whip-stitched and topped with flowers for extra cuteness… wouldn’t these look lovely with a white one-piece and a floppy straw sun-hat?


Bow-Tied Sandals

Bow-Tied Sandals Price: $98.00 at anthropologie.com
Choose from red and pink or turquoise and purple, either way, these bow-bedecked slip-ons are far more fashionable that mere flip-flops. Wear them with rompers or dresses, skinny jeans or capris. They’re made in Italy of leather by Lucky Penny.


Dos Palmas T-Straps

Dos Palmas T-Straps Price: $68.00 at anthropologie.com
Truly, I didn’t mean to insult flip-flops, because they really can be quite fashionable, too. This chili-pepper red pair is an example of that. They’re topped with a trio of baubles, and feature piping in tan leather. I’d wear these with anything dark denim, wouldn’t you?


Mercury Bead Slides

Mercury Bead Slides Price: $98.00 at anthropologie.com
Here’s another pair of beautiful beach sandals by Lucky Penny, these heavily beaded and anything but basic. These would look smashing with a gauzy maxi or anything white. The fit is flattering and true to size.


Dulcina Slingbacks

Dulcina Slingbacks Price: $92.00 at anthropologie.com
How beautiful, for the beach, brunch, or anything else! The uppers of these flip-flops are covered in tiny beads in ivory or turquoise. There’s an adjustable strap at the ankle to keep your feet firmly in them while your thoughts fly away in the summer breeze.


Spangled Sandals

Spangled Sandals Price: $98.00 at anthropologie.com
These beach sandals by Lucky Penny are so unique! The uppers are curvy and cut-out, with a row of sparkly rhinestones all along the vamp. Choose from sunshine yellow (to wear with white or dark denim) or turquoise (to wear with, well, anything!)…


Whipstitched Akebia Slides

Whipstitched Akebia Slides Price: $98.00 at anthropologie.com
These beach shoes by Jack Rogers may look simple at first glance, but look again! The flowers (or starbursts?) on the uppers are carefully whip-stitched to make them stand out. They’re available in three summery colors, and I love that orange!

There are so many **beautiful beach sandals **to choose from… how will you ever pick just one? I especially adore the madras-plaid ones, and the red t-straps. Which of these beach sandals do you like best, and what sort of swimsuit would you wear them with?

Top Photo Credit: Melissa

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I love this thing but only if you could tell me where do we get these and at what price !

Hey there, I love your shoes blog and I love looking at all the cute shoes :) I was just wondering about the 8 Beautiful Beach Sandals ones- the first picture you post above the paragraph that begins "even if you have a pool at home..." is a picture of really cute sandals that I love. Is there any chance you know where those are from? I like the other styles but I just liked that pair a lot so I was just wondering! Thanks :)

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