8 New Deck Shoes ...

I’m a total preppy girl at heart, so I’m delighted that deck shoes are making a comeback. They’re showing up in a range of colors and styles all over my favorite shops, and I’ve found a few modern updates I just have to share. Here are 8 new deck shoes.

1. Sebago Felucca Lace

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Price: $75.00 at zappos.com
These lush berry-red deck shoes make my whole summer! I love the classic styling, and the color is ideal for most of your nautical or patriotic-inspired ensembles. Pair with dark-wash cuffed crops and a plain white top or (better yet) something striped or color-blocked.

2. Sperry Top-Sider Angelfish

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Price: $75.00 at zappos.com
I do have a weakness for anything with a subtle touch of animal print, and these new deck shoes have just a little, just enough to give them a glam edge. I also like the blue ones with the stripes and (gasp!) the brown python print! Gorgeous!

3. Timberland Belle Island Boat Ballerina

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Price: $80.00 at zappos.com
These darling combination deck shoes and ballerina flats come in five color combinations, but I like the yellow or navy the best. I could see the navy pair with a vintage-inspired sailor dress and bright red lippie, couldn’t you?

4. Cole Haan Air Tali Boat Shoe

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Price: $168.00 at zappos.com
How does Cole Haan manage to make the most stylish shoes, and have them all be so comfortable? I adore this pair of sunflower-yellow deck shoes, but if you’re not keen on yellow, no worries. They also come in three other, tamer, color combinations.

5. The Cool People Anchor - Z

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Price: $51.00 at zappos.com
I adore these pink metallic deck shoes! They look smashing with almost anything, believe it or not, from vintage floral frocks to cropped jeans and linen shorts… just be careful not to wear them with anything with too big or loud a print… let these shoes do the talking (and walking). Not bold enough for bright pink metallic deck shoes? They also come in red, silver, and gold.

6. ECCO Essence Boat Shoe

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Price: $140.00 at zappos.com
Here we go, a pair of classic, straightforward new deck shoes, available in tan, brick red, or navy blue. Either of the three colors would make a lovely addition to your summer wardrobe… I love the thick soles, and the white trim… I hope it’s not too hard to keep it clean!

7. LaCoste Bateau 8

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Price: $64.99 at zappos.com
“Bateau” is French for “boat,” which is a perfectly appropriate name for a new deck shoe. These come in either black or off white, and have a tennis-shoe style. I love the little LaCoste alligator… a hold-over from my teen years during the 1980s, I suppose…

8. Libby Edelman Bristol

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Price: $69.00 at zappos.com
It’s a deck shoe, it’s a wedge, it’s both! Leave it to Libby Edelman (of Sam & Libby’s) to come up with this adorable combination. I love the metallic detailing, and the color choices (gold, silver, or these multi-colored ones)! These would look cute with a denim romper…

I mean, really? Pink metallic deck shoes… I love them! I’m so glad deck shoe shave made a mini-comeback… they’re so much fun to wear! Which of these new deck shoes do you like best, and what would you wear them with? Please share!

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