7 Stylish House Slippers ...


7 Stylish House Slippers ...
7 Stylish House Slippers ...

House Slippers aren’t the first things to come to mind when you think of fashion. And for something that’s only going to be worn around the house, they don’t really have to be fashionable. But if you want to inject some glamour into the every day, a pair of stylish house slippers might be just what you need. While some styles of slippers should only be worn around the house, there are also a few here that can work as stylish everyday shoes. Take a look at a few such house slippers below.

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ASOS Lace Slippers

ASOS Lace Slippers Price: $64.03 at asos.com
These lace slippers can be worn around the house or outdoors. They have a classic slipper shape and have delicate sheer lace panels at the sides. They also have contrasting grosgrain binding to the outer edges. These slippers are too good to solely be worn indoors, so team them with some cigarette-style pants, a collared blouse, and framed handbag for a chic everyday look.


Bottega Veneta Patent Leather Slipper Flats

Bottega Veneta Patent Leather Slipper Flats Price: $410.00 at net-a-porter.com
For a truly luxurious lounging experience, you can’t go past these designer house slippers. These leather slippers have a patent finish, detachable bow detail, and brown suede sole. They also have internal padding at the heel. While you may be tempted to wear them out, the suede sole means they should only be worn on indoor surfaces.


Topshop Vava Velvet Pom Pom Slippers

Topshop Vava Velvet Pom Pom Slippers Price: $56.00 at us.topshop.com
These velvet loafer style slippers feature large pom pom additions at the front. The look is fun and quirky. They also have a low heel and rope-effect trims at the edges. Wear these on the weekends with cuffed jeans and a slouchy sweater for the ultimate in stay-at-home chic.


UGG Nightingale Scuffs

UGG Nightingale Scuffs Price: $84.16 at asos.com
These knitted house slippers are probably the kind that you envisioned when reading the title of this article. Made by the iconic UGG brand, these knitted slippers feature a sheepskin pom pom to the front, sheepskin lining, and leather sole. They also come in a stylish branded bag. Wear these around the house to keep your feet warm and comfortable.


Chloe Ballet Slipper

Chloe Ballet Slipper Price: $425.00 at barneys.com
The ballet slipper is ideal for wearing around the house. They are flexible and lightweight. These metallic house slippers are particularly stylish. They are made from leather and feature a bow detail to the front. They also have a rubber sole. At this price point, I’d be more than tempted to show them off outside the house.


Sonoma Lavender Kiwi Footies

Sonoma Lavender Kiwi Footies Price: $28.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
If you’re after some therapy for your feet, then try these soothing slippers on for size. These slippers are scented and can be microwaved or chilled for hot or cold therapy for your feet. These slippers are one size fits most. Next time you have a spa day at home, moisturise your feet and slip these on for a little extra treat.


Acorn ‘New Spa’ Slipper

Acorn ‘New Spa’ Slipper Price: $35.95 at shop.nordstrom.com
These terry slippers are ideal for wearing around the house. They’ll keep your feet comfortable and your floors protected. They have a contoured footbed and weatherproof rubber sole. They also come in a range of sizes and colours.

Whether you wear them for form or function, hopefully these house slippers will have you lounging in style. While we can’t all own designer house slippers, there are still a range of more affordable ones on the market. Do you wear house slippers? Which of these do you like best?

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