17 High Heels πŸ‘  πŸ‘‘ πŸ‘’ for Short Girls Who Don't Want to Fall down ...

In theory, I love high heels. In practice, I am a fat girl with short legs, small feet, horrible depth perception, and not one, single ounce of grace in my entire body. Not only am I horrendously clumsy, thus increasing my chances of turning an ankle or faceplanting every time I wear a heel above half an inch, but they always make my feet want to fall off and die within the first five minutes. My relationship with heels is so acrimonious that for my wedding, I wore a pair of Doc Marten boots – with platforms. I know I cannot be the only short girl with a crap sense of balance who still wants to wear heels occasionally, yes? Please tell me I'm not alone. Let's compare scars – but first, let's check out these heels that just might work for us … without making us fall on our faces or our butts.

1. Dancey Drew Heel in Parchment

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Get it here: modcloth.com

So, as you'll see, ModCloth is my personal go-to spot for heels. I'll get everything else at Payless, but ModCloth seems to get the whole short-girl-in-heels problem quite well. Also, they sell beautiful shoes. Now that that's out of the way, here's my first pair! Not quite heels, not quite Oxfords, these are adorable – and safe! That little heel won't make you fall!

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