17 High Heels for Short Girls Who Don't Want to Fall down ...


17 High Heels for Short Girls Who Don't Want to Fall down ...
17 High Heels for Short Girls Who Don't Want to Fall down ...

In theory, I love high heels. In practice, I am a fat girl with short legs, small feet, horrible depth perception, and not one, single ounce of grace in my entire body. Not only am I horrendously clumsy, thus increasing my chances of turning an ankle or faceplanting every time I wear a heel above half an inch, but they always make my feet want to fall off and die within the first five minutes. My relationship with heels is so acrimonious that for my wedding, I wore a pair of Doc Marten boots – with platforms. I know I cannot be the only short girl with a crap sense of balance who still wants to wear heels occasionally, yes? Please tell me I'm not alone. Let's compare scars – but first, let's check out these heels that just might work for us … without making us fall on our faces or our butts.

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Dancey Drew Heel in Parchment

Footwear, Human leg, Leg, High heels, Tan, Get it here: modcloth.com

So, as you'll see, ModCloth is my personal go-to spot for heels. I'll get everything else at Payless, but ModCloth seems to get the whole short-girl-in-heels problem quite well. Also, they sell beautiful shoes. Now that that's out of the way, here's my first pair! Not quite heels, not quite Oxfords, these are adorable – and safe! That little heel won't make you fall!


New Orleans Lease on Life Heel in Mint

Footwear, Shoe, Blue, Denim, Ankle, Get it here: modcloth.com

These are similar, in that they're lace-ups. See that thick heel, though? That affords you some extra stability and balance so your ankles won't feel as shaky.


Band the Truth Heel

Footwear, Shoe, Tan, Beige, Get it here: modcloth.com

Same here – a thick, sturdy heel is always a winner. The ankle straps on these will actually give you more stability, as well, not to mention they look hella cool.


The Band the Truth Heel represents the perfect blend of form and function. The chunky heel not only offers a stable foundation for your every step but also ensures you're trending with today’s fashion-forward crowd. Those adjustable ankle straps? They do more than just look fabulous; they're a strategic feature to keep your feet secure and comfortable, minimizing the risk of any slip-ups. Plus, the neutral tones promise versatility, making these heels a go-to for any outfit, from day-to-night wear. Consider them a stylish ally in your wardrobe, promising both height and confidence with every stride.


Edgy Which Where Heel

Footwear, High heels, Shoe, Leg, Ankle, Get it here: modcloth.com

Everyone needs a pair of classic black heels, yes? I know, the heel here is a bit higher, but the angle of the toe balances that beautifully.


Treasure Stroll Heel in Garden

Footwear, Shoe, Ankle, Leg, Mary jane, Get it here: modcloth.com

What a gorgeous floral explosion! At first glance, these probably seem destined to spill you onto the sidewalk, but take a look at the heel. It's fairly thick, plus it gets thicker toward the top, so you won't feel wobbly when you try to walk.


All Walks of Life Wedge in Dots

Footwear, White, Leg, Shoe, Human leg, Get it here: modcloth.com

Wedges are a short girl's best friend, especially if she has not yet mastered the art of walking in heels. Also, these are adorable. Who doesn't love polka dots?


Strut’s Shakin'? Heel

Jeans, Denim, Clothing, Leg, Blue, Get it here: modcloth.com

These heels are so small, so petite, so cute! I love the color and the design, as well – but wearing them won't be a sacrifice.


Paris, Prance Heel in Bleu

Jeans, Blue, Footwear, Street fashion, Yellow, Get it here: modcloth.com

These are just awesome all the way around. The heel is thick but also short, so you shouldn't have any trouble strutting in these.


The Zest is History Heel in Glittery Gold

Pink, Footwear, Shoe, Fashion, Peach, Get it here: modcloth.com

This heel will give you some serious lift. Again, though, the design and construction of the shoe should keep you feeling comfortable and balanced.


Maven Moves Heel

Yellow, Human leg, Footwear, Leg, Shoe, Get it here: modcloth.com

Okay. Okay. To be fair, these might make you wobble. They would definitely make me wobble. However, I just … I just love them so much! They're so pretty!


Calling All Courtships Heel

Footwear, Shoe, High heels, Leg, Leather, Get it here: modcloth.com

I know, these look terribly high and uncomfortable. Once again, however, the thick heel will save you, not to mention that these heels have a slight platform, which also helps with balance and comfort.


Slingback in Action Wedge

Footwear, Shoe, Yellow, Human leg, Leg, Get it here: modcloth.com

Look how much height you get! But thanks to the wedge style, you ought not end up with aching, miserable feet afterward.


Skip to My Luminous Heel in Grey

Footwear, Shoe, Beige, Ankle, High heels, Get it here: modcloth.com

These candy-coated beauties provide some additional height, too, along with whimsical pops of color. I'll admit, though, these might make you slightly uncomfortable, although the thickness of the heel may help.


Musical Maven Heel in Pink

Footwear, Pink, Human leg, Leg, Ankle, Get it here: modcloth.com

Ditto with these, but man, just look at them. Just look! So pretty!


Bowed and Boating Heel in Lavender

Footwear, Pink, Boot, Shoe, Knee-high boot, Get it here: modcloth.com

These are gorgeous! I don't think I've ever seen lavender shoes before. Once again, the combination of short, thick heels with a platform will keep you from faceplanting.


Chimerical Caper Heel in Mint

Footwear, Leg, Human leg, Ankle, Shoe, Get it here: modcloth.com

Don't be intimidated by the height of this heel. Besides, these shoes are so lovely that they're worth a little pain.


Flourishing Courage Heel

Footwear, Shoe, Pointe shoe, Ballet shoe, Get it here: modcloth.com

I know. These look like my nightmare, too. You could never wear heels this high, right? Wrong. See how thick they are? Stability, stalkers, stability!

I don't wear heels often, but when I do, I want them to be pretty, comfortable, and safe, you know? I don't want to twist an ankle and fall on my face in front of the whole world. You got any tips for a short girl with horrible balance, by the way?

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#4 & 9 are 😍

You're not alone

Then again I'm a guy

12 isn't that bad lol

I dont think these ones will make u any taller if thats the purpose.

Yes! I love this list and the reasoning behind the list 😊 from one shirt girl to another - thank you!! 💖

What would I know right 😝

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