7 Classy Heels for Girls Still in Middle and High School ...


7 Classy Heels for Girls Still in Middle and High School ...
7 Classy Heels for Girls Still in Middle and High School ...

For all the mothers with younger daughters who argue about wearing heels, you don’t have to argue anymore because I have compiled a list of classy heels for girls still in middle and high school that won’t make your daughter look older than she is. Getting dressed up as a pre-teen is never easy, your body is changing and you can never seem to settle on any outfit. Naturally there are plenty of dressy occasions whether they are school or family related, and you probably want to have the freedom to wear a pair of heels but your parents won’t let you. Passed age 13 it is completely legitimate to want to wear your own pair of low heels to a black tie affair, so consider showing your mom this awesome list of heels for girls that won’t give off the wrong impression.

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Kitten Heel

Kitten Heel This term is pretty self-descriptive and very appropriate when it comes to heels for girls. Kitten heels can be found almost everywhere and every designer has at least one style each season. I like black kitten heels for girls because they are the classiest and they match with everything. Wearing bright colors on heels at a very young age isn’t always a modest way to dress, so when buying heels for girls always look for the simplest and most practical style and color.


Kitten heels strike the perfect balance between comfort and sophistication. They offer just enough height to create an elegant silhouette without straining the feet, making them ideal for young girls who are just starting to explore the world of high heels. Opting for a neutral hue or subtle patterns can enhance wardrobe versatility, allowing these heels to seamlessly transition from a school event to a family gathering. Moreover, their understated charm upholds the essence of youthful fashion—stylish yet not overly ostentatious. Even for formal occasions, a well-chosen pair of kitten heels can perfectly complement a dress without appearing too mature.



Espadrille These heels are perfect for summer and I truly believe women of ANY age can wear them! Espadrilles are so easy to walk in, which makes them some of the best heels for girls since they don’t have experience walking in heels. Espadrilles come in all styles and colors and they are so fun to wear, there’s no reason why this can’t be your daughters first pair of heels to wear to a summer wedding.



Pompadour I know this is a very old fashioned style, but hear me out. They are simply lovely on young girls and again, they help them if they’re off balance from walking in heels for the first time. Pompadour heels are sometimes hard to find, but the best way is to look for classic designers like Ralph Lauren and inspect the heels; most heels have a slight pompadour and you don’t even realize it. Many are made with heels, bows, and buckles, making them adorable heels for girls.


Low Wedges

Low Wedges Now normally wedges would be out of the question when it comes to heels for girls, but if they are on the lower side, I don’t see a problem with it. Besides, they make a lovely, fashionable addition to any outfit and they are an awesome compromise to the stilettos your daughter truly wants to wear. Low wedges come attached to a variety of shoes and styles and you can find them virtually anywhere. My favorite dressy ones are part of a normal looking heeled shoe, like a pump or Mary Jane, except there is a wedge there instead.



Cones I absolutely love cone heels! They are my favorite heels for work, school, dressy occasions and wherever really. They are one of the best heels for girls because they are the most versatile and comfortable. They can be worn to school and then a party on the weekend. And I can’t forget to mention how easy they are to work in, which is a crucial attribute for heels for girls. They are a simple and classy compromise between you and your daughter, and she will probably wear them long into adulthood (if her feet don’t grow!).



Prisms Obviously prism heels form a prism on the heel of a shoe, so it only has three sides and it’s usually pretty short and chunky. Prism heels for girls are perfect because like most of the other heels listed here, they are fashionable, comfortable and you can walk in them! But more important than any of these characteristics is the fact that they are modest and classy, and completely appropriate for all the ladies out there in middle and high school.


Prism heels represent the perfect blend of style and stability, ideal for young fashionistas stepping into the world of elevated footwear. With their triangular base, they offer superior balance compared to stilettos and are a top choice for long days at school or weekend outings. Their fashion-forward design doesn't compromise on comfort, ensuring you make a statement while moving with ease. Embrace these heels for a sophisticated touch to any outfit, empowering you to stride with confidence and grace.


Grown-up Mary Janes

Grown-up Mary Janes If you’re thinking of the old fashioned Mary Janes from the 1950s, you are only half right. Mary Jane heels make great heels for girls because they are usually fairly low and they literally strap the foot into the shoe, so it’s impossible for them to fall off or unintentionally slip out if they fit right. Most young girls like them because they are so cute and moms agree that they are the probably the perfect style for your very first pair of heels.

Buying your first pair of heels can be a very complicated process, and similarly finding heels for girls in middle and high school can make you want to pull your hair out! Can you think of any styles I missed? What was you first pair of heels? Do tell!

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I'm in high school and there's absolutely no way I would wear any of these

lol im in hs and i wear like 5-6 inchers hahah

Love the wedges! I think it's very classy

I'm going into 8th, and trust me, nobody would wear thos

This is more "best shoes for your first high heels"

In highschool I'd be wearing the 6 inch heels.

I'm in high school and noone in their right mind would wear any of these shoes! I wear 5 inch heels and can walk just fine

I don't know if its because I'm Mexican, but I'm still in high school and I've been wearing 5 inch heels for a few years now..... But I love the wedges! I have a pair just like them!

I'm a senior in high school, and some of them are very vintage and classy! I'd love to wear wedges and pumps mostly tho.

I like Mary Janes(last one) but where can I buy them in store

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