Beauties with Big Feet Should Buy These Stylish Shoes ...

By Heather

Beauties with Big Feet Should Buy These Stylish Shoes    ...

I have huge feet, they are wide and beautiful and … huge. That doesn't mean that I need to sacrifice on beauty when it comes to my shoes though right? You shouldn't either! Here is a list of my favorite shoes for us big-footed beauties!

Table of contents:

  1. anne klein ballet flats
  2. anne klein yolden
  3. a little houndstooth anyone?
  4. toms wedge
  5. the perfect pump for summer
  6. all the colors of the wind
  7. yoga slings – namaste y'all!
  8. cork and strappy
  9. classic black wedge
  10. flipflop anyone?
  11. how cute
  12. nude pumps are a staple
  13. little cut-outs
  14. wedge it up!
  15. sparkle & glam
  16. heading to a wedding?
  17. oh yes, the perfect flip flop

1 Anne Klein Ballet Flats

Anne Klein Ballet Flats These are so cute! Love the leather on the toe and the deep wine color.

Where to buy:

2 Anne Klein Yolden

Anne Klein Yolden These hot, hot red heels are my fave for sure!

Where to buy:

3 A Little Houndstooth Anyone?

A Little Houndstooth Anyone? Oh my god, how cute! How cute is that heel? How cute is the pattern? Ideal career heels!

Where to buy:

4 Toms Wedge

Toms Wedge How cute are the wedges? Tell me, how effing cute are they? You're welcome!

Where to buy:

5 The Perfect Pump for Summer

The Perfect Pump for Summer Blue, orange, blue or orange, blue AND orange! I'm buying both.

Where to buy:

6 All the Colors of the Wind

All the Colors of the Wind These look so painted and so perfect! Love 'em!

Where to buy:

7 Yoga Slings – Namaste Y'all!

Yoga Slings – Namaste Y'all! How cute are these? Seriously, how cute? Let those big feet shine girlies!

Where to buy:

8 Cork and Strappy

Cork and Strappy Love this! All the colors too!

Where to buy:

9 Classic Black Wedge

Classic Black Wedge This looks beautiful! It also looks comfortable – thank god!

Where to buy:

10 Flipflop Anyone?

Flipflop Anyone? I love flipflops, in the summer I LIVE in them – these are comfortable and so chic!

Where to buy:

11 How Cute

How Cute These are cute, perfect for work and are comfortable – yep, I own a pair!

Where to buy:

12 Nude Pumps Are a Staple

Nude Pumps Are a Staple Seriously, these are adorable for us big-footed beauties!

Where to buy:

13 Little Cut-outs

Little Cut-outs These are my go-to when it comes to work, look at those little heels?

Where to buy:

14 Wedge It up!

Wedge It up! Navy, pink, tan, white – which one am I going to pick?

Where to buy:

15 Sparkle & Glam

Sparkle & Glam I love heels that have a touch of glam to them, these are them for me!

Where to buy:

16 Heading to a Wedding?

Heading to a Wedding? These are the shoes for you! Loveeeee them!

Where to buy:

17 Oh Yes, the Perfect Flip Flop

Oh Yes, the Perfect Flip Flop Little sparkle, little glitz, little glam – ideal!

Where to buy:

So, which is your fave? Which one would you wear? For me, ALL OF THEM!

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