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Hooray!! It’s sandal season and I could not be more excited. That means you can lounge in the sun (with sunscreen, of course) in your best pairs of shorts and sandals. If you’re anything like me, you’re ready to stock your closet with the most adorable new sandals you can find. Use these handy tips for making sure you’ve chosen the best pair. Here’s to a summer of cute shoes and lots of fun!

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Choose Sandals in a Color You Can Wear with Lots of Outfits

This is important because otherwise you’ll have a pair of sandals taking up space in your closet that you can only wear with one or two items. By choosing sandals in a fun neutral color, you have loads of options for wearing them all the time. I like to have a black, brown and navy blue pair because they can be paired with just about anything I own.


Make Sure You Buy the Right Size by Trying the Sandals on

Sure, you know your shoe size, but some brands fit small or large and if you don’t try them on, you might get home and realize your new sandals don’t fit right. Save yourself the trouble by trying them on before purchase. Ideally, you should walk around for a minute or two as well. That way you know if you need a different size or if you’re good to go.


Think about when You’ll Be Wearing the Sandals so They Work for Every Occasion

Looking for sandals for an outdoor wedding or just a pair to wear with your casual shorts on the weekend? Either way, make sure you choose something practical for your sandal needs. A pair of sandals for short term wear at a party or occasion could be platform style or even high heeled, but if you plan to wear them all the time, you probably want something more comfortable.


Feel the Materials the Sandal is Made out of with Your Fingers

Sandals come in all shapes and sizes, which means you might encounter materials that you don’t like. For example, I hate jelly sandals because they are so hot and confining, even if they look cute. Before wasting your time trying on a hundred pairs of sandals, give them a feel to make sure the material is something you see wearing on your feet.


Will You Be Indoors or Outdoors While You Wear Your Sandals?

This is sort of a safety issue. You don’t want to wear platform sandals while you cruise the zoo with your kids because you could wind up hurt. At the same time, you want waterproof flexible sandals if you plan to wade in the river. Make sure you buy sandals that are designed for outdoor wear if you plan to wear them outside this summer. If you’ll be spending all your time inside, you have more options without worrying about hurting yourself.


Try the Sandals on to Check for Support and Comfort

This kind of goes along with trying the sandals on to make sure they fit. Sandals should give you some arch support so you don’t have to worry about long-term injuries or issues. At the same time, the sandals should be comfortable so they don’t give you blisters. Nothing is worse than shelling out for a great pair of sandals, only to discover that you can’t wear them without pain.


Make Sure You Have the Funds to Cover the Cost of the Sandals

You’ve probably heard the term “house poor.” This is where you buy a house you can barely afford and never have any money leftover. You don’t want to be “sandal poor” either. Don’t buy that pair of sandals if it means you might not be able to afford groceries or you’re stuck skipping happy hour for a month. If that happens, where are you going to wear those fabulous sandals?

What do you consider when buying sandals? What does your favorite pair look like?

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I like the pic so much

I really like the bejeweled sandals, and leather ones don't smell like sweat.

Black gladiators which reach just above my knee. That's my dream.

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