7 Pairs of Shoes for Fall and Winter Season ...


7 Pairs of Shoes for Fall and Winter Season ...
7 Pairs of Shoes for Fall and Winter Season ...

There are certain shoes for fall and winter that need to be making an appearance in your closet right about now. You may already have some of these shoes for fall and winter and that is wonderful because it will save you from going on a hunt for them. If you don’t have them, it is the perfect time to go shopping. You could even add some of them to your Christmas list. The main thing is that you add at least some of these shoes to your fall and winter wardrobe.

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The Nude Heel

The Nude Heel One of the top choices in shoes for fall and winter is the nude heel. The nude heel is a great replacement for all of those strappy sandals that you just packed away. The nude heel is so very versatile. You can wear it with practically any color and it will look stunning. It will go from the office to date night in a very carefree way.


The Riding Boot

The Riding Boot If I could only have one pair of shoes from this list, this would be it. And I would take it in cognac brown, please. This type of boot is the style of the year. Women are wearing them everywhere: to work; to play; and everything in between. You can wear them with practically anything. They go with dresses, skirts and especially work well with skinny jeans.


The Black Flat

The Black Flat The black flat is a wardrobe staple that most of us already have, but that is a good thing. We return to this shoe time and time again for one reason: it works. The black flat is a great casual go-to shoe when you really don’t know what shoe to choose. One tip I have for you if you are shopping for a new pair this year; go for comfort. I am all for looks but if I am going to wear a flat, I would like it to feel good when I have it on.


The Rain Boot

The Rain Boot Oh, rain boots, how I love them! No, they are not exactly the shoe on the runway this season but they are so convenient when you are trudging through the mud and the muck that come with fall and winter. I usually keep mine by the front door because I regularly wear them to drive my children to school. And rain boots have actually come a long way. No longer must you endure boring muted black. Now they come in fabulously bright shades and patterns that will earn you compliments.


The Dressy Stilleto

The Dressy Stilleto The dressy stiletto is a shoe that is nice to have in your closet but may not make a frequent appearance. However, it is a nice addition to have. This shoe usually comes out for holiday events and parties on New Year’s Eve. Usually women go for this shoe in black or silver to keep up with the dressy look they are going for. This shoe is not one that you go for comfort it; the goal of the dressy stiletto is all style.


The Trendy Shoe

The Trendy Shoe The trendy shoe is an extra but no less necessary. It is something totally different you purchase to spice up your wardrobe. It will be different for everyone. As for myself, I am lusting after a pair of wedge heels in a burgundy plum shade. Purchasing these little extras, such as the trendy shoe, can really punch up your wardrobe to the next level.


The House Slipper

The House Slipper Ah, yes, the house slipper. Some may argue that this one is not necessary but I would totally disagree. When I get home from a hard day out fighting the elements, I have to have my soft, cushy house slippers. They don’t have to be expensive to serve the purpose. Mine came from Wal-Mart and are a gorgeous aqua leopard print.

Tell me what shoes you must have for fall and winter. What am I missing from my list? You may just convince me to go shoe shopping!

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And how about cold and snow ?!?

Idk about these they are a little out there but the list is good for winter I think you did need a few warmer pairs!

Those rain boots were beautiful

Half of these would definitely leave you freezing in the winter!

Riding boots and house slippers are my favorites for fall and winter...I don't like to be out in the cold much haha

Where can I find the transparent thigh high boots? I've been looking online for hours but no luck!

Great list; but what's fall/winter without a chunky heel bootie?!

Not good for snow!

Ugly slillpers

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