7 Pairs of Shoes for Fall and Winter Season ...

There are certain shoes for fall and winter that need to be making an appearance in your closet right about now. You may already have some of these shoes for fall and winter and that is wonderful because it will save you from going on a hunt for them. If you don’t have them, it is the perfect time to go shopping. You could even add some of them to your Christmas list. The main thing is that you add at least some of these shoes to your fall and winter wardrobe.

1. The Nude Heel

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One of the top choices in shoes for fall and winter is the nude heel. The nude heel is a great replacement for all of those strappy sandals that you just packed away. The nude heel is so very versatile. You can wear it with practically any color and it will look stunning. It will go from the office to date night in a very carefree way.

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