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Toms for ladies can take your feet from feeling tired and weary to cosy and comfortable. I was first introduced to Toms by an ex, who absolutely loved his. At first I thought Toms for ladies didn’t exist, but after a little searching I soon discovered there is a myriad of them out there. The range changes from year to year, but these are some of my favorites for the time being.

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Geometric Toms

Geometric Toms I just can’t hide the fact that I love bright footwear. Some of my favorite Toms for ladies make the most of multiple colors, making them perfect for festivals and vacations. These Toms are especially delightful, as they are incredibly groovy! I just love anything geometric. When geometric shoes are comfortable, it is a major bonus.


Moroccan Cutout Toms

Moroccan Cutout Toms Aside from the massive Toms label on the back, you wouldn’t have guessed these Moroccan cutouts were Toms. But they are, and they’re incredibly pretty. As well as coming in black, they come in pink and blue.. With such awesome breathing space, your feet will feel seriously refreshed even after a day of walking in these.


Space Dyed Toms

Space Dyed Toms Space dyed Toms look a little like a child has sat down and colored them in, scruffily. To me, that adds to their charm. As well as being available in pink, you can purchase these in grey. I reckon they look fantastic for just slouching around your house in, or even shopping.


Rope Print Toms

Rope Print Toms Yay, Toms went and did the whole nautical thing that I love, but with a bit of a unique twist! These rope print Toms have a sailor-like feel. While the pale fabric means they are likely to get dirty quite fast, I don’t think it is a bad thing. Save them for special occasions, like when you are heading out for a fun lunch and want to keep your outfit casual.


Yellow Canvas Classics

Yellow Canvas Classics I don’t think you can go far wrong with a pair of classic Toms. If you are yet to buy a pair but you are not entirely convinced by the slightly kooky designs available, yellow classics are great starting points. I love yellow, because it re-emerges on the fashion scene every so often. It is also incredibly versatile in terms of what you pair it with.

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Nepal Weave Toms

Nepal Weave Toms If I could visit any country in the world sometime soon, it would be Nepal. I want to experience a place that is seriously rural, full of culture, and hasn’t given in to the tourist stamp just yet. I like these Nepal weave Toms, as I feel I could easily meditate in them. Not that you need shoes for meditation, but they do come in handy if you are feeling brave and choosing to meditate outdoors.


Polka Dot Toms

Polka Dot Toms One of my best friends from my late teenage years was a huge fan of polka dot. While I can’t wear polka dot dresses, I absolutely love anything polka dot that rests below the waist. This is why I have my beady eyes on these polka dot Toms. I think they would complement many, many outfits.

It is surprising just how diverse the Toms ladies’ range is. If you have a certain style, I can almost guarantee that there are Toms out there to suit it. As well as being stylish, they are super comfortable. If you love a pair of Toms, which ones are they?

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You can get beautifully hand painted Toms on Etsy! They are gorgeous!

& i dint know they have this " dhaka" print toms from nepal, as i a nepali i so want them

Never had toms before but I really want one!

I LOVE TOMS!!! I have 2 classics, 1 glitter, 1 nautical biminis, 1 cordones, and a pair of botas! They are also comfy!!! I really want a pair of the Nepal boots and the new sandals!

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