7 Glittery Shoes Everyone Can Wear ...

We all love a bit of glam in our lives, and what better way to achieve just that is there than with glittery shoes? To me, glittery shoes aren’t always risquΓ©. I have friends who can take them to the extremes, and still look ridiculously gorgeous! In recent years, we have seen glittery brogues, Oxford shoes, sneakers, and of course the good old classic heels. Here are some glittery trends I think YOU should get behind.

1. Glitter Slip Ons

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Whether you just want something cool to walk around your house in, or dazzling shoes that are also comfortable, glitter slip ons are a must-have. I especially like black, because I am not the type of girl who is too sparkly when dressing up. However, I do recommend brave ladies trying out gold or silver. Glittery shoes that are also super-comfy are just too good to miss!

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