Life is Better in Flip Flops Here Are 42 Ways to Prove It ...

By Eliza

Don't you just love when spring gets here and you can break out all of your flip flops from last year? Oh, and buy new ones for this year too? If you ask me, life doesn't get any better than it is when I slide on my flip flops and take on the world. This year I plan to rev my wardrobe with a couple of new cute pairs. Are you with me? Here are some great choices that will make you look and feel fabulous!

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1 Sand Imprint Flip Flops

Sand Imprint Flip Flops FlipSidez
Price: $18.95

2 Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata FlipSidez
Price: $18.95

3 Optic Yellow Softball

Optic Yellow Softball CafePress
Price: $16.99

4 Flower Beads

Flower Beads Amazon
Price: $13.99

5 Neutral Color

Neutral Color Urban Outfitters
Price: $46.00

6 Crocheted Leather

Crocheted Leather American Eagle Outfitters
Price: $24.95

7 Braided Faux Leather

Braided Faux Leather Aéropostale
Price: $14.00

8 Etched Leather

Etched Leather American Eagle Outfitters
Price: $24.95

9 How about a Bright Color?

How about a Bright Color? American Eagle Outfitters
Price: $24.95

10 Tooled Leather Flats

Tooled Leather Flats dirty birdies vintage
Price: $24.00

11 Blue for Summer

Blue for Summer
Price: $9.99

12 The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid Hot Topic
Price: $10.88

13 Lots of Color

Lots of Color Aéropostale
Price: $25.00

14 Fancy Emblem

Fancy Emblem TORY BURCH
Price: $136.50

15 Super Comfy

Super Comfy American Eagle Outfitters
Price: $24.95

16 A Little Bit of Sparkle

A Little Bit of Sparkle American Eagle Outfitters
Price: $24.95

17 Fun Color Scheme

Fun Color Scheme Aéropostale
Price: $14.00

18 Fast Food

Fast Food Aéropostale
Price: $8.00

19 Metallic Leather

Metallic Leather American Eagle Outfitters
Price: $24.95

20 Laser Cut Chevron

Laser Cut Chevron Charlotte Russe
Price: $8.99

21 Take Me with You

Take Me with You Aéropostale
Price: $8.00

22 Neon Geometric

Neon Geometric Aéropostale
Price: $7.50

23 Bright Pink

Bright Pink vineyard vines
Price: $49.50
Availability: instock

24 Beach Flip Flops

Beach Flip Flops Hollister Co.
Price: $11.02

25 Good Times, Tan Lines

Good Times, Tan Lines Aéropostale
Price: $7.50

26 Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret VS PINK
Price: $14.95

27 Navy Combo Tribal

Navy Combo Tribal Charlotte Russe
Price: $7.99

28 Rhinestone Bow

Rhinestone Bow Xica15
Price: $11.99

29 Tribal Faux Cork

Tribal Faux Cork Aéropostale
Price: $14.00

30 Braidy Flat Thong

Braidy Flat Thong Amazon
Price: $16.99

31 Tropical Dream

Tropical Dream Aéropostale
Price: $8.00

32 Mickey and Minnie

Mickey and Minnie Hot Topic
Price: $10.88

33 Southwestern Design

Southwestern Design Aéropostale
Price: $8.00

34 Shiny and Gold

Shiny and Gold vineyard vines
Price: $49.50
Availability: instock

35 Jelly Flip Flops

Jelly Flip Flops vineyard vines
Price: $39.50
Availability: instock

36 Classic Rubber Flip Flops

Classic Rubber Flip Flops Abercrombie Kids
Price: $12.00
Availability: in stock

37 Pink for Lots of Fun

Pink for Lots of Fun VS PINK
Price: $14.95

38 Fuchsia with a Bow

Fuchsia with a Bow Windsor
Price: $10.90

39 Neon Whale Patchwork

Neon Whale Patchwork vineyard vines
Price: $39.50
Availability: instock

40 Patent Leather in Cobalt

Patent Leather in Cobalt Charlotte Russe
Price: $7.99

41 Bright Fish

Bright Fish vineyard vines
Price: $39.50
Availability: instock

42 T - Strap Gladiator Thong

T - Strap Gladiator Thong mollyk318 on eBay
Price: $9.49

Do you see a pair you must have for summer this year? I'm seeing several that will make me happy!

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I love flip flop weather :)

Too overpriced

I like #4 and he last one.

Ah this just makes me want to wear flip flops the whole time!! Unfortunately I can't cause of foot/ballet problems :( :D

@Misty thankyou so much for letting me know that certainly helps. Your a star

Like no4. But I don't wear flip flops because of my feet and there's not enough grip if u need to drive in yhrm

I love me some flip flops! Ordering #4 now. Thanks :)

@sharon I went on amazon to buy #4 and it's actually not a flip flop, it has a strap In the back. They also have a ton on amazon that are this style and not a flip flop. Really cute ones too & not bad prices :)

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