Is Your Perfect Shoe on This List? Here Are the 13 Best New Workout Shoes for 2015 ...

By Jennifer

Whether you're gearing up for your first marathon or you're a muddy trail-running goddess, there's a new shoe designed for you and all you do. After spending an hour at my local sporting goods store and running shop, trying on and coveting the newest models and old stand-bys, here are my picks for the best new workout shoes for 2015. Let's go!

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1 New Balance Fresh Foam Zante

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante See how the toe is slightly turned up? That might help you go a little faster, no matter what distance you're running. And these shoes are shockingly light, which will make you feel even faster, too. This neutral shoe comes in five color combinations (including black and white, a rarity in women's running shoes) and were named Competitor Magazine’s “2015 Road Shoe of the Year.”

2 Topo MT

Topo MT These are trail-running shoes, sturdier and more supportive than road shoes, with a generally wider shape and much wider toe box.

3 Saucony Kinvara 6

Saucony Kinvara 6
This brand-new shoe is fab, truly. Yeah, it's cute, but more importantly, it's a neutral shoe made for the street or track, and it's so comfortable, I might consider leaving my old brand behind.

4 Brooks PureFlow 4

Brooks PureFlow 4
If you like a lightweight shoe that still provides a little cushion, then these might be the shoes for you! I use them for road running; they're not really sturdy enough or rugged enough for trail running.

5 Mizuno Wave Hitogami 2

Mizuno Wave Hitogami 2 These are so flexible and comfortable and lightweight! They're a great race-day shoe, but you can still wear them for training, too.


I never thought I'd see a Sketchers shoe on a list of the best running shoes, but since Meb Keflezlghi seems to have worn this shoe when he won the 2014 Boston Marathon, who am I to argue?

7 The North Face Ultra Cardiac

The North Face Ultra Cardiac
These shoes are so super-grippy, I almost tripped and fell running on the indoor test-track at the sporting goods store. They're ideal for muddy hikes or challenging trail runs; I just wish they came in darker colors (to hide the dirt better).

8 Nike Free 5.0

Nike Free 5.0 These are my own favorite running shoes, providing the perfect blend of support, cushioning, and freedom. They tend to run a little small, so either try them on in person, or if you're buying online, try to buy them from a place with hassle-free returns, just in case.


REEBOK ONE GUIDE 2.0 If you tend to pronate (not as sinful as it sounds, sadly), then this might be the running shoe for you. They also combat shin splints (ouch!) and are kinda cute, too.


If you're more of a walker than a runner, this is the shoe for you! It's light-weight and made to slip off and on with ease.

11 Skora Tempo

Skora Tempo
I've never tried a shoe like this, so minimalist it literally feels like you're running barefoot. The lacing looks unusual, but it's really comfortable, and the light cushioning provides a little fluff in case of a stick or stone in your path.

12 Altra Paradigm

Altra Paradigm
This is one serious shoe, made to be lightweight, supportive, and cushioning enough for the toughest trails and most grueling ultra-marathons. I like that these are made specifically for female feet, though I'm not entirely sure what that means.

13 Ryka Hydro Sport

Ryka Hydro Sport Is there some water in your future, kayaking or hiking or other form of trail-blazing? If so, give these shoes a go! They're designed to shed water quickly, and they're super-stable, too.

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The north face are the BEST for hiking in my opinion

Totally agree Megan I bought these as I thought they were really cool, lightweight etc. they are useless for running as they offer no support and are too flimsy. And no use for weightlifting at all as again they offer no support and are not flat enough to the ground. I use them to walk the dog now and even then I end up with shin splints!! I love brooks for running and aerobics as I suffer from high arches. And there other good makes of Nike for weightlifting my favs are puma and Adidas as they have the perfect soles for good support, while lifting.

Great article. I like to run the rd but have to run on the treadmill at times. The shoes make a huge difference.

I did a 5k in free run II and they were fantastic !

This a really dumb article, almost all nikeshoes are great workout shoes, there are no certain ones that are the best workout shoe

I love my saucony kinvaras. I run cross country and track. They are so comfortable and light weight. The still give me support and I've had no injuries with them.

I think it depends on what kind of feet you have. I have flat feet that tend to pronate so no matter what, I need a strong, sturdy, and supportive shoe for whatever I do. If you have normal feet then I can see doing much better in lightweight/flexible sneakers.

Nike Frees are not that great for running. They don't provide enough support. I have a pair but I mainly use them for the gym and weight training because they are so stylish.

This article is a shame. If you want real running shoes then you don't bulk up on padding. Minimalist shoes are the best thing for your feet, but you don't have to work down to the minimal shoes. Start with some padding but NO FOAM.


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