10 Types of Shoes You Need in Your Closet ...


10 Types of Shoes You Need in Your Closet ...
10 Types of Shoes You Need in Your Closet ...

Whether you own a million pairs of kitten heels or need to give those run down sneakers a rest, there are several types of shoes you need in your closet. Owning a few of the right pairs of shoes can allow you to go from lounging with the girls to a cocktail party with ease. So, to save your limbs for strutting on over to the next big event, I’ve done the legwork for you! Here are 10 types of shoes every gal needs to own. Get ready for a healthy dose of shoespiration!

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Basic Black Flats

White, Clothing, Photograph, Street fashion, Black, The most basic type of shoe you need in your closet is a pair of sleek black leather flats. Just make sure they’re well-padded on the inside so your arches won’t be begging for mercy after a few avenues! I wear black flats with nearly everything. They’re especially great for the end of summer and fall season…you know, on nights when your toes will freeze off in flip flops! Added bonus: if you don’t have time for a pedi, they’ll cover up chipped polish and keep you looking chic.


Nude Kitten Heels

Human leg, Leg, Footwear, High heels, Tan, My coworkers joke that I could never survive without my trusty kitten heels. Not only does the nude color make my legs look longer, but they’re comfy to boot! Plus, nude shoes go with almost everything, so when you can't decide, you have a built-in go-to shoe. Since I tend to travel in flats, I slip these on right before a big meeting for that classy, business-appropriate look.


Fun Patterned Wedges

Shoulder, Fashion, Fashion accessory, Bag, Joint, Another type of shoe you need in your closet is a funky patterned wedge. Wedges are fun and summery –perfect for a trip to the mall with the girls or a lunch date with your beau. They also work in other seasons, especially fall and spring, so you'll get plenty of wear out of them. Often, they make the perfect statement piece. Take them up a notch with a fun pattern (like florals!).


Open-Toe Flats

Footwear, Toe, Blue, Sandal, Leg, You’re dancing the night away at your best friend’s Sweet Sixteen when, suddenly, your feet begin to protest against the six-inch heels you’ve been rocking for the past few hours. It’s happened to the most resilient of us, ladies. So, don’t be caught off guard (no one wants to be photographed barefoot by the cameraman). Pack a pair of neutral open-toe flats to slip into when the going gets rough. You’ll thank me when your bestie puts her birthday album together!


Standout Stilettos

Leg, Human leg, High heels, Footwear, Car seat, One necessary type of shoe you need in your closet is a standout stiletto. During those nights scoping out hotties at the club, they’ll keep you looking oh-so-sexy. Don't be afraid to experiment with bright colors or unusual textures. Metallic is incredibly hot, but have fun with racy red, lime green, tangerine, or hot pink too. I’d pair them with my go-to little black dress to turn up the heat.


Black Pumps

Clothing, Street fashion, Jeans, Fashion, Denim, Timeless, elegant, New York: these are the words that come to mind every single time I step into my latest pair of black pumps. You really can’t go wrong in these, girls! Stow them in your suitcase for formal night on a cruise or use them to finish off your edgy dance party look. The options are endless.


Running Sneakers

Clothing, Leg, Snapshot, Human leg, Waist, No, they’re not exactly those pretty heels you’ve been eyeing, but every woman should own a sturdy pair of running sneakers. Even if you’re not a workout buff, they’re good to stow in the back of your closet on mornings when you need to clear your mind with a run. If you'll be doing a lot of walking during your daily errands, if you enjoy bike rides in the evening, or if you like to look chic while walking your pooch, they're a must.


Fresh New Flip Flops

Jeans, Denim, Clothing, Street fashion, Waist, A comfy (and affordable!) type of shoe you need in your closet is a brand new pair of flip flops. Sure, you’ve probably been wearing ‘em since you were a pre-teen, but it’s time to refresh your stash. Flip flops come and go faster than a summer fling, so ditch those dirty old pairs and bring home a fabulous new one! You can even wear them around the house during the frigid winter months.


Strappy Flat Sandals

Footwear, Human leg, Leg, Sandal, Ankle, Nothing screams summer like a pair of intricate strappy flat sandals! They’ll keep your feet looking super sweet at your next garden party. They're both comfortable and fabulous, definitely a winning combination no matter what outfit you choose. Me? I’d wear them with an airy sundress for an ensemble that celebrates the season.



Jeans, Clothing, Street fashion, White, Black, The last type of shoe you need in your closet is the bootie. Any color, any heel height –the choice is yours! But I’d advise to skip suede in favor of leather (you’ll thank me when the snow hits). I wear my booties with tights and a skirt during the fall and skinny jeans during winter. They’re something you’ll sport again and again –just like all of my other picks!

Now that you know the 10 types of shoes you should have in your closet, think about which ones you'll buy. Every girl needs several pairs of go-to shoes, and I think 10 is a nice, solid number. You'll always have the perfect pair of shoes for any event that way. Do you have any shoe suggestions of your own to add?

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