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8 Care Tips for High End Designer Shoes ...

By Jelena

Wondering how to care for designer shoes? Well, let’s talk shoe care tips! You’ve probably noticed that some designers don’t really provide a lot of tips on what to do with your pricey stuff and how to make them last, creating this huge problem for all of us interested in providing our goods with the best after-purchase care possible. Normal wear and tear aside, there are plenty of things you can do for your shoes and here are a few tips to help make caring for designer shoes easy and successful!

1 Get Them Re-Soled

Great materials and excellent craftsmanship usually have at least one thing in common – leather soles! And although these look super luxurious and oh-so-gorgeous when new, they aren’t exactly made for walking on uncarpeted areas. Your beautiful leather soles will get scratched first, then start wearing off slowly and, according to my favorite shoe repair guy, there actually is a point of no return – a state in which the sole is so badly destroyed that no re-soling can undo the damage. Think proactive! Find a super-skilled shoe repair person and get your beauties upgraded with a thin rubber sole. You can choose to have the entire out-sole re-done (perfect for flats) or ask for a rubber tip only to significantly reduce wear and tear in this particular area. Neat, huh? Well, you’ll definitely want to keep hitting the “next” button, because I have a lot more great tips on how to care for designer shoes to share!

2 Get Worn out Heel Taps Replaced ASAP

Once you’ve managed to find an excellent shoe doctor, you might want to keep up with those check-ups! This shoe care tip is of vital importance when it comes to worn out heel taps. Continuing to wear your special pair of shoes even when it’s obvious they could use some refreshment can lead to major “battle scars.” Loose or too thin taps can be lost in a heartbeat, exposing the heel and making it extremely prone to very nasty scratches. And when the scratch is already formed, there isn’t much you can do aside from getting both heels replaced and risking a potential original design alteration – a big No-Go if you’re really into your designer goodies.

3 Regular Maintenance is a Must

Caring for designer shoes or any other nice shoes, for that matter, does include a bit of a pampering even when you are not planning on wearing them. Wait, strike that – especially when you’re not planning on wearing them! Making sure they are cleaned, properly conditioned and carefully stored will keep them looking great for many years to come, allowing you to really get the max out of the shoe you’ve spent serious cash on. Most shoe crazy ladies (me included) like to check up on their babies once in a while, just to make sure everything is okay. Now, I know it might sound like a thing only a truly obsessed person would do, but I really recommend it because it allows you to right any potential wrongs before the issue gets really serious.

4 Keep ‘Em in Shape

Learning how to care for designer shoes is the best way to make sure your money isn’t wasted but invested in a beautiful (although sometimes a bit too delicate) piece you’ll really feel like million bucks in! Well, let’s face it – misshapen, overly creased shoes are just not it! Proper storage will solve only half of your problem while the other half is best taken cared of with the help of an old, yet great tool – shoe trees! These babies will make sure that every pair of shoes is “stuffed” properly, minimizing the risk of your shoes getting squished. They also help iron those teeny-tiny wrinkles, minimizing the wear and tear and making your shoes almost as good as new.

5 Shoes and Pets Don’t Mix

Well, actually, they do but it’s kind of like a tequila shot submerged in a glass of beer – it starts with something along the lines of, “Oh, come on, what could happen?” and ends with a serious headache! I actually believe there is a whole section of eBay to prove that, when it comes to Pets V.S. Designer Goods, the pets always win! Caring for designer shoes (and bags!) could, therefore, become a) a lottery (which I don’t recommend as you can never be totally sure about how your pet is going to behave); b) a real life, 24/7-long episode of Dog Whisperer (which yields great results but requires a lot of time and dedication) or c) a daily routine (where you just have to make sure that your fine items are out of your pet’s reach).

6 A Little Bit of Care Goes a Long Way

All shoes are made for walking and that’s exactly what you should do! Don’t let these shoe care tips prevent you from enjoying your gorgeous shoes! What you’ll want to do, however, is be just be a little bit more careful. Just a bit! First scratches are always the most painful ones to see but those are not the ones you ought to be afraid of. Cobble stone, gas and brake pedals…now those are something to worry about. Lay off suede when you’re going to be the one driving in case chaffed shoes are a big turn-off for you and leave those patent or fair-colored babies at home when you’re expected to walk on uneven grounds. I know that’s not what Carrie Bradshaw would have done but hey, in real life, we are expected to make such choices!

7 Know Your Climate

Dry, cracking or moldy shoes are not pretty sights! You can foresee and prevent all of these mishaps by simply acknowledging the climate you’re living in and adjusting your leather shoe care. Been there, done that, still haven’t bought the T-shirt but hey, there’s still time! Condition your shoes more often in case the air in your area is too dry or keep a moisture absorbing gel, liquid or bags close by in case you’re living in a very humid place. You’ll also want to keep your shoe collection away from direct sunlight and moist, too dark, basement-like places. Probably sounds like too much trouble, I know, but it’s for the best.

8 Stain and Rain –Proof

Last on my list of tips on how to care for designer shoes or any other good-quality shoes you want to keep safe, sound and good looking for years to come is to invest in a few extra care products. Clean and condition but remember to get a product or two to help you stain and waterproof your shoes as well. It may seem like an unnecessary extra step but it really pays out in the long run. And in case your pricey shoes ever end up “drinking” a full tall glass of Southern Comfort & Sprite, like mine did, you’ll be glad you’ve remember to add this protective layer!

When you spend a lot of money on good shoes, you want them to last! With the proper care, you can easily keep your babies looking brand new for years to come. Do you have any tips on how to care for designer shoes to share? Do tell! No shoe care tip is ever unnecessary for us shoe ladies!

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