9 Shoe Trends to Take Note of This Winter ...


9 Shoe Trends to Take Note of This Winter ...
9 Shoe Trends to Take Note of This Winter ...

Winter shoe trends for this year vary from the extremely casual to the overly opulent. Whether you’re working a cool sports luxe look with a pair of fashionable sneakers or trying your hand at couture glam with metallic heels, there’s a winter shoe trend to suit all occasions. Embellishment and texture play a huge role in shoe trends this winter so keep an eye out for shoes with interesting finishes. Check out the following stylish shoe trends for winter.

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Metallics Many winter shoe trends take their cue from popular clothing trends. Take metallics, for example. Right now, anything metallic will give your outfit an instant style boost. When looking at shoes, it could be a metallic toe cap, heel, or all over metallic finish. The best part about this shoe trend is that it can work with all styles of shoes, so you can pick one that suits you best!


Pointed Pumps

Pointed Pumps Feminine and ladylike dressing is still a big trend right now. Ever since appearing on the Louis Vuitton runways a few seasons back, the pointed pump has been enjoying renewed popularity. A more rounded point can look quite feminine while a sharp point can look quite vampy!


Chunky Heeled Boots

Chunky Heeled Boots Winter is the perfect time to rock a pair of boots. Right now, winter shoe trends tend to lean towards boots with a chunky block heel. Ankle boots like the Acne ‘Pistol’ style are a popular choice, but knee high styles are also a fashionable choice for the winter months.


Luxe Slippers

Luxe Slippers Slipper style shoes have really staked their place as fashionable footwear over the recent seasons. This winter, take the plain slipper shoe to the next level by choosing one in a luxe design. Things like gold embroidery, embellishments, and rich textured finishes all give slippers that luxurious edge.



Sneakers Want something to wear on your days off? Well, a casual sneaker just might be the shoe for you. Work one of the hottest looks right now with a stylish wedge or retro-look sneaker. Team them with boyfriend jeans and bomber jacket for a sport luxe look, or with tights and a dress for a flirty twist.



Perspex Taking a cue from recent Chanel collections, perspex heels are finding themselves as one of the hottest winter shoe trends right now. If you can’t afford the original, don’t despair, because plenty of stores like ASOS and Topshop are offering up affordable options this winter.



Flatforms If you like your winter shoe trends a little bit more alternative, then try out a flatform shoe. A low flatform shoe is great for beginners, and those feeling a bit more daring could try out a higher flatform heel. However, my bet is this ‘alternative’ style of shoe will be mainstream soon enough if their popularity is anything to go by right now!


Printed Pumps

Printed Pumps Every designer these days seems to be including prints into their collections. It’s no different when it comes to shoes. Instead of your basic black or beige shoes, try rocking an interesting print instead this winter.


Capped Toes

Capped Toes Capped toes are everywhere when it comes to winter shoe trends right now. The look can be quite classic, in the style of two-tone Chanel ballet flats, or it could be much more trend based like a pair of metallic capped heels or boots.

These are just some winter shoe trends that you’ll no doubt become acquainted with this season. You don’t have to drop the designer dollars either, with plenty of affordable retailers jumping on board the latest trends this winter. What winter shoe trend will you be rocking?

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