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7 Best Workout Shoes for Teenage Girls ...

By Jennifer

What are the best workout shoes for teenage girls, and why are they so important? I’m glad you asked, because the right shoes are so important to avoid injury and to make sure you perform at your best. The best workout shoes for teenage girls happen to be the best shoes for anyone — shoes that are designed for a specific workout, and that fit properly. If you’re a teen looking for just the right shoes for your sport, keep reading! Here are the 7 best workout shoes for teenage girls, sorted by activity, with tips on finding just the right pair.

1 For Gym Class

For Gym Class
If you have gym this semester, you’re going to need a good cross-trainer. Look for a shoe with a thicker heel (for shock absorption) and cushioning in the front of the foot, as well as flexibility at the middle of your foot. You’ll also need good arch support.

2 For Hiking

For Hiking
Hiking boots aren’t just a fashion statement: they’re exactly what you’ll need to wear for hiking, hence, I suppose, the name. A good hiking boot will fit well, be water-resistant, and will be cushioned for comfort. They’ll also be somewhat lightweight. What constitutes a hike, you ask? Any walk longer than 15 minutes. If you’re tempted to wear flip-flops or flats because it’s summer, and they’re cooler (and maybe cuter) than hiking boots, don’t. These shoes won’t provide the support you’ll need, and can lead to injury.

3 For Dance

For Dance
Sometimes the best workout shoes for teenage girls are overlooked because we forget that dance class is actually a workout! But dance does require special workout shoes, depending on the type of dance. In fact, your hip-hop shoes are perfect for aerobics class, too! Check with your studio if you’re not sure which shoes you need, and remember, fit is vitally important here, too… borrowing your bestie’s dance shoes might not always work.

4 For Soccer

For Soccer
Now that you’re older, you may be tempted to forget the soccer cleats and wear regular shoes on the field instead. While you might sneak them past your coach, it’s not a good idea — the soccer cleats provide exactly the right kind of traction you’ll need. Again, make sure your soccer cleats fit well, and that’s they’re comfortable. Remember, too, that soccer cleats aren’t the same as baseball cleats, and they won’t work on the green — they’ll give you too much traction, and they might hurt another player if you kick or collide, even with shin-guards.

5 For Basketball

For Basketball
The best workout shoes for teenage girls who play basketball must offer great ankle support, for all the stops and starts and twists you do. That’s why most basketball shoes are high-tops. Don’t opt for the super-cute Chuck Taylor’s on the court though, since they don’t really offer the support you need. If you can’t bring yourself to wear high-tops for style reasons, check out the line of basketball shoes by Puma. They come up higher in the back, offering better ankle support, though true high-tops are still better.

6 For Running

For Running
If you run cross-county or track, the best workout shoes for teenage girls are so important! Like with cross-trainers for the gym, you’ll need a perfect fit, good arch support, and lots of heel cushioning. I’ve been using New Balance for years, but try different brands and styles until you find one that’s perfect for your running style and foot. I can also recommend Brooks and Nike.

7 What about Those Other Shoes?

What about Those Other Shoes?
Love them or hate them, those funky “shoes with toes” are mainstream, and everyone seems to be wearing them. But are they the best workout shoes for teenage girls? The answer is no… and yes. They don’t provide a lot of support, but if you want to wear them for a more “natural” feel, then try them… but introduce them into your workout slowly, and see how they work for you. If you experience foot, knee, or even lower back or hip pain, they might not offer enough support for you.

If you’re a teen girl, keep this list in mind when you’re choosing shoes for your next workout or activity. The right shoes are so important, even outside of fashion, and now you know why! Which of these activities do you do, and which shoes do you wear, and why? Or do you play another sport that requires the best workout shoes? Please share!

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