Shoe Care Tips for Making Your Boots Last for Longer ...


When you’ve invested in a pair of killer leather or suede boots, you want them to last for many seasons to come. You’ll certainly want to protect them against the elements which means all the cold harshness of winter (snow, ice, slush) and the ravages of summer (rain and heat.) Here’s how:

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Take Steps to Protect Boots from Snow and Rain

The best way to provide your boots with maximum protection in rainy season is to invest in a "waterproof" spray that also works as repellent against spills. Look for a product that works great on suede, leather, and fabric boots and ensures that the spill doesn't penetrate into the leather and stays onto the outer surface. You can wipe it off with utmost ease. Get a good spray and use it at least once a week.


Keep Leather Moisturized

Leather is, after all, skin – of an animal that is – and just how you take special care to keep your skin moisturized, you need to take steps to moisturize your leather boots too. This will help maintain their shine for longer. Just buy a leather conditioner and apply as directed.


Get a Protective Rubber Sole for Your Boots

Among so many other things you can do to take care of your boots is to add an extra sole. Doing this won't cost you a fortune, as any shoe repair shop would be happy to do it, but this will go a long way in keeping your boots looking like new even after a harsh winter.


Don't Overlook Looking after Your Heels

No one likes to see obviously worn down heels on a pair of otherwise great looking boots. It is easier to fix heels when the damage is not that serious so keep an eye on the heels and get the repair shop to re-heel when necessary.


Get Rid of Snow or Salt Stains Quickly

Sometimes you can’t but help to have to tramp through puddles, snow or slushy sleet. It is best on these occasions to treat your boots as soon as you get home. A proprietary salt stain remover is best. Apply the stain remover to your boots and leave it there overnight to prevent the damage.


Keep a Kit Handy to Take Care of Your Suede Boots

Buying a pair of leather boots is usually a good idea because they don't require a lot of maintenance and are good at handling a run-in with snow or rain. Your suede boots need more attention. For this, you should invest in a suede eraser and a good quality suede brush. The eraser works like a regular pencil eraser and works to eliminate any shiny spots you notice on suede after the fabric gets old. You need a brush as well to clear dustings after using an eraser and to remove dirt.


Keep Leather Creams Handy

One of the issues with leather boots is that they get discolored after a while. To correct the issue, you can use a leather cream and apply it directly on your boots with a small brush. Many brands offer creams in over 25 colors, so it is easy to find the best match for your favorite boots. It is a good idea though to take your boots to a repair shop if you're dealing with extreme tears, fading, or scuffs.


Boot Trees Work Great for Keeping Them in Shape

If you’re putting your boots away for the summer, it is best to store them in the best way you can. Tall boots will jeep their shape much better it you use boot trees and you can use shoe trees for your shorter and ankle boots.


Something You Should do after Every Wear

Even if you have worn them in fair weather or just for a couple of hours, your precious boots will have gathered dirt and dust. Wipe them down after every wear before you put them away.

These tips will help you keep you lovely boots in tip top condition for longer. Do you look after your boots and shoes or are you a throw in the closet after you’ve worn them kinda gal?

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