7 Cute Slippers to Keep You Toasty on Chilly Mornings ...


If your feet get icy cold on chilly mornings, it is nice to have a pair of cute slippers to keep them warm. Ideally, the slippers would be warmed by a fire and brought to you before you get out of bed. Since that only happens in the movies, you can at least have a pair of cute slippers to slip into when you first get out of bed. The following slippers from Nordstroms are all cozy and they will all keep your feet nice and toasty.

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The Jewel Slipper

The Jewel Slipper These Muk Luks Jewel slippers are such cute slippers. The pom pom ties are so much fun, and the furry cuff is both warm and decorative. Wearing these slippers on chilly mornings is sure to keep your feet toasty! They are practically like boots! In fact, they even have hard soles so, if you need to step outside, there is no need to worry about getting the bottoms wet.


The Jenna Slipper

The Jenna Slipper The Jenna Slipper is another great pair of slippers made by Muk Luks. The blue snowflakes and images of moose that are stitched into the yarn are just perfect for winter. They are lined with faux shearling and have a rubber sole. Obviously, these slippers will keep your feet warm! You may even find yourself wearing them all day long because they are so toasty warm.


Acorn Moxie Slipper

Acorn Moxie Slipper I love the bright orange color of these slippers. I also love how warm they look. They are lined with genuine shearling, so you know that your feet are going to be cozy. Wouldn’t you love to slide your feet into these slippers in the morning?


Beasty Booties

Beasty Booties For those of you with a sense of humor, these Beasty Booties from Tigerbear Republik are perfect. The monkey face is pretty funny, and the tassel ties add a touch of cuteness. Aside from being fun, these slippers will also keep your feet warm since they have a faux fur lining.


Amira Candy Coated Bootie Slipper

Amira Candy Coated Bootie Slipper These Muk Luks are aptly named, because the pale pink color is reminiscent of cotton candy! I adore how cozy these slippers look. The faux fur lining just looks like it would instantly warm up cold feet. In case you were wondering, these slippers also come in bright blue for those of you who don’t like pink.


Giesswein Lunz Slipper

Giesswein Lunz Slipper These slippers look have such a homey and cozy appearance. The cute floral appliques add a nice touch of femininity, while the boiled wool keeps the slippers from looking too girlie. Because these slippers are made of wool, they will keep your feet very warm. Also, the rubber sole is great if you happen to forget to take off your slippers before you step outside.


Kate Spade Fabian Slipper

Kate Spade Fabian Slipper Don’t you just adore these slippers? They are just fabulous. The leopard print and the black bow make them look so glamorous. Of course, they also look like they would keep your feet nice and toasty when it is cold outside. Personally, I love these slippers so much I am not sure I would ever take them off if I had a pair!

If you have icy cold feet in the morning, any of these slippers would keep your feet nice and warm. You can find them all at Nordstrom’s, and you won’t be disappointed with whatever pair you choose. Which of these slippers is your favorite?

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Okay- so what are the super cute blue slippers on the article picture- I want those!

I like #7 ( they have boys!!!!! )

I think the blue slippers are the only cute ones. Everything else isn't cutting it

I 💚 slippers!!!

I like all of them

The only nice ones are the blue ones in the article pic

I like 4&5, those are the only cute ones

Not boys bows sorry

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