The Rules of Shoes Every Woman Needs to Live by ...


The Rules of Shoes Every Woman Needs to Live by ...
The Rules of Shoes Every Woman Needs to Live by ...

It might be a cliche that women love their shoes, but we sure do. Whether you're a budding Imelda Marcos, lust after a pair of Louboutins or are just happy to find a few pairs you love, there are some rules of shoes every women should know and live by.

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Heel Height

One of the key rules for shoes is that you know what height of heel is appropriate and manageable for you personally. Just because you see these Amazonian supermodels rocking 6 inch heels on the catwalk, it does not mean that your body is going to be able to cope with the strain that they can cause on your legs, not to mention the risk of injury from losing your balance and falling over! Test out a few different size heels and stick with a height that makes you statuesque without being dangerous.


Finding your ideal heel height isn't just about avoiding a tumble; it's about comfort and longevity in your day or evening as well. Mix practicality with fashion by considering a mid-heel or kitten heel, which can provide a chic look without overtaxing your feet. Remember that sole cushioning, arch support, and the width of the heel also impact comfort levels. Platforms or wedges offer another stylish compromise, giving height with a more stable base, ensuring you can stride with confidence and poise. Remember, the right heel for you is the one that feels as good as it looks by the time the night is over.


End of the Day

A great tip is to always go shopping for shoes at the end of the day when your feet are as swollen as they are ever going to get. Trying shoes on at this point of the day will give you a truer reflection of how they are going to fit and how they are going to treat your feet on a regular basis. You’d be surprised just how much your feet can change shape over the course of a day!



You don’t always have to shell out for the expensive designer shoes, but there is something to be said for avoiding the cheapest of the cheap as they probably wont give you the support that you need and you will end up paying more because you will have to keep replacing them as they break apart at a quicker rate. Having a few pairs in the mid-price range is always a good insurance policy.


Try Different Sizes

Just like with different brands of clothing, there can be small but important differences in the sizing of particular shoes. It is always a good idea to try on at least three sizes of a shoe you like - the size you think you are and then the size one smaller and one bigger - just to make sure that you are buying the size that fits you absolutely perfectly.


Comfort over Style

I’m not saying that you have to buy ugly shoes, but you need to make sure that you take the comfort factor in to account when purchasing any new pair. They might look fantastic in the mirror, but are they going to be able to carry you through a day’s work or an evening out clubbing with the girls? These are keys things you should be thinking about.  Consider brands like Bella Belle Shoes for blending style and comfort seamlessly.


Attention Grabbers

If you are struggling to decide over a few different pairs, always go with the pair that you think is going to grab the most attention. After all, you are paying a good amount of money for your shoes, why shouldn’t you want people to notice how fabulous your style is?


Match with Clothes

Always consider the rest of your outfit when picking your shoes for the day. You don’t want to look like you get dressed in the dark! For example, it’s always better to wear a thicker heeled show with a heavily layered outfit. Your shoes are the last line of defense in terms of your overall look, so make sure that your lines are fluid and matching from head to toe.


Dare to Be Bold

It's always tempting to go with black shoes because they match with everything, but never be afraid to add color to your footwear. Whit, khaki, and pastels are all great choices to play up your outfit.


Beware the Budget

It happens to the best of us: you see a cute pair of heels or flats on sale, but wait, you already own 3 pairs of black shoes like that! You end up impulse buying and never using... Instead of wasting money on shoes you won't wear, keep an eye out for ones you do need and buy those on sale.


Consider Options

Heels kill! And sometimes flats do too because they have no arch. Be mindful of your arch when shoe shopping and even consider what's not on trend. Ankle straps can cut short legs causing them to look stumpy-not a good choice. While heels cause blisters, bunions, pinched nerves, and ingrown toenails when worn wrong or too frequently. Instead, consider a closet of cute wedges which have more area to distribute weight giving more support and less issues.

Let's hear about your favorite shoes. Were they a bargain or are they a designer pair you ransomed your grandmother in order to buy?

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